10 Powerful Mudras That Improve Your Health And Energy Levels

The term Mudras applies to the hand gestures during meditation and yoga. They aid with channeling your bodies energy low, there are more than 100 used.

Below are the 10 most commonly used mudras that aid with your health and energy levels.


This most probably the most used and familiar, it improves your concentration and aids with sharpening your memory.


This mudra is performed by touching your index fingertip to the tip of your thumb while holding your other three fingers straight.


This is used to gain mental clarity and aids with improved communication which is so often a challenge in modern-day society.


This mudra is performed by touching your thumb to your pinky finger while holding your other three fingers straight.

Shuni (or Shoonya)

This gesture purifies your thoughts and emotions. It improves your intuition, alertness, and senses.


This mudra is performed by touching the tip of the middle finger to the thumb tip while keeping the other three fingers straight and relaxed.


This mudra will activate any dormant energy you have in your body. It is the life force within all living things and will awaken your body to make you more energized.


Perform this mudra by touching your ring and pinky fingers to the tip of your thumb, while keeping the other two fingers straight.


This is often found in eastern meditation disciplines. You will most likely recognize it as the gesture seen in pictures of Buddha. It will aid with your concentration and inner peace.


To do the Dhyana mudra, simply sit with your hands facing upward, right hand resting on top of your left palm. The right hand, representing enlightenment and higher spiritual faculties, rests over the left hand, representing the world of Maya, or illusion.


This mudra aids with your metabolism and digestion, something that modern-day life can often be found to be an issue, it increases your body’s core temperature so it will ward off infections and viruses.


Perform this mudra by bending your ring finger to the base of your thumb so that your thumb touches the ring finger’s knuckle. Stretch your other three fingers straight without stressing the hand.


This aids with your mental as well as physical digestion and will aid with eliminating waste material from your body and improve your emotional wellbeing.


To do this posture, bring your second and third fingers to your thumb. The way you position your fingers may differ depending on the discipline you are learning from. Some say that you should rest the two fingers just slightly behind the tip of the thumb, but in many depictions, this mudra is demonstrated by bringing the middle and ring finger to the tip of the thumb.


Named after the Hindu Ganesh, this will aid with removing obstacles in your life. It will improve your mental positivity and give you the courage to face what is causing you to suffer from depression. Doing this brings energy to the heart and lungs.


Place your left hand in front of your chest with your palm facing outward and left thumb down. Next, place your right hand in front of your left with your right palm facing toward you and your left palm. Lock your fingers together, holding them in a half-bent position like a claw.


This mudra aids with diseases related to air, this can be joint pain, bloating, flatulence and stomach discomfort. You will find yourself feeling balanced and lighter doing this.


At first glance, this mudra may seem very similar to the Gyan mudra. The difference is the Vayu has you connect the thumb to the knuckle or hump of the index finger, as opposed to the fingertip in Gyan. Press down on the index finger to your level of comfort; this gesture is intended to relax not strain the joint.


This mudra will improve clarity and concentration, as it pulls all your power into your center, your solar plexus. It also helps if you suffer from dizziness, exhaustion, and tension in your body.


To do this mudra, connect your thumb to your index and ring fingers while keeping your other two fingers as straight as you can.