11 Personality Traits That Reveal Someone Is Likely A Narcissist

Narcissists are individuals that are egocentric and inconsiderate. They’ve even given a name for their mental condition known as NPD. This condition leads them to believe the following;

They lack empathy.

They seek everyone’s validation.

They think they’re superior.

They’re annoyed by others easily.

They think they’re worthy of everything.

You know what’s worse? All of this isn’t even true. They put up this fake personality to hide their true selves just to manipulate others into thinking they’re better.

So to prevent you from falling victim to a narcissist, we’ve outlined some of their worst traits:

Seek Perfection

They look at everything with their narcissistic perspective and won’t tolerate imperfections. Their biggest problem is that they can’t see someone else in the spotlight when they’re present there. In a split second, they feel envious and strong feelings of jealousy. It doesn’t matter if it’s their friends or family, they’ll feel the same way.

Can’t act empathetically

As mentioned above, they lack empathy. They’re too focused on themselves and all they think about is how they can perfect themselves in every angle. They expect others to act and think exactly how they do. They expect them to stop worrying about the real problems and focus on them too. They’re never guilty for the wrongs they do and think everyone’s opinions are not worth any attention. They hardly regret their actions, however, they think other people’s mistakes are unforgivable.

It’s not his/her fault

They’re control freaks and expect to have command over everyone and everything. But if something wrong happens, they’ll be quick to turn their back and deny any sort of responsibility. They’ll find a hundred excuses to blame the fault on others and make sure to guilt trip someone else. However, if a successful event occurs, they’ll make sure to brag about it lifelong.

They’re Vindictive

They hold grudges and won’t let go of them. They’ll make sure to take it out one day or another as they can’t take criticism of any sort. They will avenge the person responsible for hurting them.

Want to be winners

In order to feel superior, they have to win. This leads them to compete with everyone and seek opportunities everywhere to win even the smallest competitions. This makes them anxious and they can never be happy for other people’s trophy.


They’re easily addicted to things because they always want to feel high. They desire the feeling of being at the top – untouchable. Being addicted doesn’t only mean getting addicted to drugs, it can be shopping, alcohol or anything of that sort.

They’re special

Narcissists believe they deserve all the appreciation in the world. So much so that people might start believing they’re the first one to ever accomplish anything. They believe they can do anything they even think of and will eventually get hold of a life better than everyone else.


Don’t believe if a narcissist is making you feel even the slightest bit of important because it’s manipulation. It’s usually a part of their plan because they hardly ever do something without having personal gains. They won’t be here going head over heels for you if they didn’t need anything in return because don’t forget – they’re perfect.

They’re materialistic

People that don’t belong to high social status can also be a narcissist. They’re materialistic and will envy anyone with wealth and materialistic things that they desire. They long for the day they’ll get a hold of those things and brag about them endlessly.

Bad Past Experiences

A long list of failed relationships can be a red flag or a sign that the person is a narcissist. They’re destructive and won’t think twice before destroying their families, friendships, and relationships and at the end they’ll probably put the blame on the opposite end. They won’t take any blame for their failed relationships.

Can’t take refusals

For them, they should be allowed to do anything. If someone criticizes them or refuses them of something, they can’t can’t take it. They’ll get annoyed and will probably start hating the person who refused them for their entire lives.