12 Qualities That Men Find Irresistibly Attractive In Women

Yes, some men want the Kim Kardashian’s of this world, you know the big butt, huge breasts, curvy, wearing the latest fashion and killer heels that turn other men’s heads, but not every man seeks this when looking for the woman in his life.

Thankfully, just as women don’t go for all the same men, men have a type they like and more often than they are given credit for, what they like is not only skin deep.

There are quite a lot of qualities that men look for but here are 12 of the most important ones according to a group of men.


A woman who knows how to keep her emotions in place at crucial times is what most men look for, they neither have the time or energy to deal with drama queens. They want their relationship to be calm and when the going gets tough to know that their woman will be the steadying influence and hold him upright is worth more than any supermodel type on their arms.


Men do love mature women. They love the fact that they are emotionally and mentally strong, that they will not have to deal with a spoiled brat, whose childish behavior is not only annoying but draining too and a huge turn-off.


To find a partner who is real and authentic is priceless, especially when these days the world is full of fakes. You only have to look at social media to see the fakeness, pictures posted with filters to the point if you saw the person in real life, you’d probably recognize them. An authentic trustworthy woman is what men want and to be honest it’s what we all want regardless of gender.


They love a woman who is not part of the crowd and follows what everyone else is doing. They want a woman who is diverse in her thinking, loves to face challenges head-on and arranges little surprises for him right down to the smallest details of what he enjoys.


A woman who is full of energy and good vibes is always fun to be around. She looks at life as a ‘glass-half-full’ never ‘half-empty’ and that is what makes her attractive to men.


This isn’t just talking personal hygiene, this is about her environment, her home, her car and making sure life is simple will be very attractive to a man.


A woman who shows empathy and understanding is always a keeper. Compassion goes a long way and it shows a level of maturity too. Caring about others shows you are not a self-centered pain in the ass.


It’s not cute or endearing to be late, it’s rude and it shows a lack of respect for the person waiting for you. A man doesn’t like being kept waiting any more than a woman does, so timekeeping is key in showing respect.


A woman who isn’t clingy went out is key according to some men, they like that she can mingle and hold her own in a group gathering and the warmth she displays as getting to know new people is a whole new level of attractiveness.


No one likes to be betrayed and cheated and that applies to men too. They feel the same hurt if their partner breaks their trust. Loyalty is a huge thing and women who lie, cheat and are a huge turn-off.


A woman who shows respect to everyone is what men like to see, they have no time for the two-faced bitchy gossipers, so don’t be surprised if a woman is soon dumped if she starts showing those behaviors.


No, we are not talking Mensa IQ here, this is about being able to hold your own conversation without acting like a silly schoolgirl. True some men find intelligent women scary and become wary of her, but they do like to see ambition and drive, it is what makes then interested in the woman in the first place.