19 Confessions From People On Whisper Who Were Ghosted By Their Significant Other

Ghosting is still pretty much a new term for some people, in fact, the first they know of it is when it actually happens and when they talk about it with someone they get told ‘Yeah, You’ve been ghosted’.

Ghosting is literally the worst thing you can do to another human being, the silence is not only deafening it is extremely hurtful and shows the ghoster for what a piece of shit they really are.

In a world which increasingly gives people the option to just stop any forms of communication, it’s becoming a more common way of breaking up with someone.

19 people who were ghosted took to Whisper to talk about their experience.

1 Four Years!

2 Douche-Bag

3 Waiting

4 Ruined Trust

5 Awkward!

6 Awakened

7 Insecurities

8 Uber Douche-Bag

9 Long-Distance Ghosting

10 Long Drawn Out Ghosting

11 Like Sudden Death

12 No Closure

13 Long Term Impact

14 Ghosting A Ghoster

15 Two Ghosters One Person Hurt

16 Karma

17 Revenge

18 Why!

19 Ghosting is done by all ages

Don’t be a shitty person, if it isn’t working for you have the decency to tell your partner and end it, don’t leave them hanging the effect on their mental health from your behavior can last for years.