20 Incredible Trees That Will Mess With Your Mind

Nature has a funny way of making things look different to what they really are, its quirky and sometimes funny.

Trees are no exception, often we stop and stare trying to allow our brain to catch up to what we are really seeing.

  1. Ent Tree

Have you seen Lord of the Rings?

If so, this may have immediately reminded you of an Ent.

If not, you can still see the humanoid figure with two legs and two arms stretched up to the sky.

  1. Godzilla Tree

Leave it to Godzilla to wreak so much havoc on Earth that all that’s left is to eat the moon.

This photo was captured at the perfect moment and angle.

  1. Nightmare Tree

This looks like something out of Pan’s Labyrinth.

From the two eyes to what looks like the teeth inside a “mouth,” this tree is both fascinating and creepy.

  1. Devil Tree

Speaking of creepy trees, doesn’t this felled tree look like the devil holding on to a tree trunk?

We don’t know if it’s manmade or it really fell that way, but we kind of hope someone altered it and that’s not all by accident.

  1. Tree lift

This broken branch looks like it’s trying to lift its former trunk right out of the ground.

And if you can get yourself to see a face, it looks like it’s quite the struggle!

  1. Squirrel Tree

Some say this tree looks like a rooster, but we’re thinking squirrel.

What do you see trying to cross the road in this photo?

  1. Wise, Old Tree

This tree looks like it’s been around a while with that face at the bottom doling out some serious wisdom.

We’re not sure what it looks like from the front, but this profile is pretty striking.

  1. Tree of Many Faces

This tree looks like it’s housing a bunch of little Grinches.

We’re not sure if we’d be freaked out or not if we came across it on a hike.

  1. Booty Tree

Different people see different things when they look at it.

We see butt cheeks.

However, if you look at it with the nodes at the bottom, we suppose it can look a little more…phallic.

  1. Strolling Tree

You might have to look at it for a moment, but once you see those two bottom branches as legs, this tree looks like it came to life and decided to take a stroll.

And it looks pretty casual about the whole thing too!

  1. Stumpy

We see a face, but what kind?

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but we’re going to call him Stumpy.

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Tree

It might look freaky at first, but once you look for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, this one might give you a chuckle.

It does look a little angry though.

  1. Monster Tree

Kudos to whoever stopped to put a pair of eyes on this tree.

Now we can’t help but see it as a monster trying to attack us.

We just hope those don’t glow in the dark!

  1. Broccoli tree

Sure, it looks like any old tree at first, but once you picture a piece of broccoli, it’s all over.

  1. Owl Tree

It’s almost impossible NOT to see an owl here. In fact, it looks like someone did this on purpose.

We’re not sure though – Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.

  1. Dragon Tree

Or maybe it’s a deer.

Either way, it looks like it’s bending down to give a kiss, so we hope it doesn’t breathe fire.

  1. Grinning Tree

This tree looks happy to be hugged.

And what an amazing specimen it is, too!

  1. Thinking Tree

This tree looks lost in thought.

Although some think that instead of a hand under the chin, the lower part of the tree looks like a big beard.

  1. Trapped in a tree


It looks like this tree swallowed someone up and they’re trying to get out!

We can almost picture that face opening its eyes and begging us for help.

  1. T-Rex Tree

This tree looks like a tyrannosaurus rex rearing its head.

We can even see it’s tiny arms!