7 Different Kisses And Their Hidden Meanings

According to researches, it is believed that kissing is more special for women in comparison to men. Women consider kissing as a parameter to determine the compatibility of their partner. Kissing plays a significant role in creating a bond and promoting a healthy relationship. It can help you in conveying your emotions, attaining an escape, or maybe just having a good time with your partner. There are different types of kisses and each one of them signifies a different meaning. Here are the seven types of kissing that will help you in improving your relationship.

Cheek Kiss

Kissing a person on the cheek is a sweet gesture that signifies love. Usually, we use this for friends and family. It is a simple act of love to make someone happy. It signifies that you enjoyed the time you spent with someone. Women usually kiss on the cheek to show their interest in their partner. It also shows their affection and connection if they rest their hand on the face of their man.

Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo kiss is also called the nose rub or nose kiss. It is the act of rubbing the tip of your nose against each other. This is a sweet gesture that signifies a strong bond in various cultures. This kiss shows the bond of a couple through portraying their playfulness and charm for each other. It also highlights the intention of spending a good period of time afterward.

Earlobe Kiss

Kissing someone on their ear is something special and personal. It is not something you do with everyone. You shoudln’t go and kiss any stranger right on the earlobe. Usually, this kiss is accomplished by nibbling the earlobes. It is one of the most romantic forms of a kiss between the two lovers. This intimate kiss might make you feel emotionally relieved.

Forehead Kiss

A calming and soothing Forehead kiss might give positive vibes to someone. This kiss shows your affection and care for someone in a time of need. This kiss unusually portrays your protective, secure and loving nature toward your partner. You might feel emotional while giving this kiss to someone. However, emotions vary from person to person.

French Kiss

French Kiss is one of the most passionate and emotion-filled kisses that needs a huge amount of tongue action. This steamy, romantic and sexual kiss might lead you to another level of intimacy with your partner. However, no everyone is a master of this type of kiss. Once you are into someone with serious affection, a french kiss can be the right way to express your feelings. It’s also been called the 1st base of a relationship.

Surprise Kiss

This Kiss might leave you astonished and happy. Only a person who is extremely close to you physically can give you a surprise kiss. This kiss also shows your comfort and ease with someone. This kiss shows that you have a fun, spontaneous and adventurous relationship with your partner. Often, it makes you feel special about your loved one.

Lingering And Light Kiss

A light kiss shows the intensity and emotions in your relationship. Usually, this kiss signifies your strong and long-term bond. You take a lot of time while kissing your partner shows your passion and care for them. Lingering signifies that you love spending time with someone. This also shows your deep physical connection with your loved one.

So now, you have learned a lot about some kind of kisses. This will surely help you in strengthening your relationship with your partner.