8 Signs Someone Is 100% Fake And You Should Watch Out

It’s not easy telling which people are genuine and who are fake. It’s just as hard as pointing out the differences between a brand product and its replica.

But now it doesn’t have to be this hard because, with the help of some infographic from Lifehack, you can judge people’s different behaviors. It is titled as “8 signs of Fake Nice People You Need To Be Aware Of”  and it has eight different traits pointed down which includes repetitive behaviors of people that are generally nice while in another column the typical behaviors of fake people were written down.

You’ve probably had a feeling that someone’s had some sort of agenda against you at some point in your life at least. It could be from a friend or someone that you’ve been dating for a while now. Sometimes you might feel as if the other person is forcing themselves to hang around you when in reality they couldn’t care less.  

They Only Respect Those in Positions of Power

It is a common belief that respect is a sentiment that every person in this world deserves however, fake people have the tendency to respect people that are in power. You need to pay heed over people around you and notice if they respect everyone around them or only the people they like enough to respect.

They Work Hard to Build Relationships

You might notice fake people trying too hard to keep their relationships intact while people that are genuine won’t worry too much about it – their circle just grows. According to Lifehack, fake people put effort to attract people towards them while people will naturally be attracted towards people who are genuine.

They Seek Out Attention

One of the signs that fake people never fail to show is that they’re constantly trying to be in the spotlight and craving attention. On the other hand, genuine people respect when it’s time for someone else to shine.

They Gossip

I’m not saying that only fake people are the ones that gossip, everyone likes having a session every now and then but it’s something that’ll help you point the fake ones out quite easily. Honest people aren’t afraid to come forward with their opinions while fake people try to limit their comments to keep their perfect image intact.

They’re Quick to Show off

According to Lifehack, you’ll notice people that are genuine will never brag about their accomplishments in other people’s faces while fake people will find it hard to contain their excitement and will have a moment of showing off.

They Put Others Down in Order to Look Good

Lifehack believes that people who lack potential and worth are the only ones who’ll put others down in order to look good while genuine people know how to appreciate and stay humble. Fakers will make sure they find a way to tell you how and why they’re better than you.

They Make Promises They Can’t Keep

Fake people tend to talk a lot and in order to prove themselves better, they make promises they aren’t sure of and end up not fulfilling them while real people know how to live up to a promise.

They’re Only Nice If There’s Something In It For Them

The thing that draws a fine line between a fake and a real person is that a fake person only makes effort when they know they are going to get something in return while genuine people will be there for you no matter what.

So, keep these signs in your mind while putting the effort in your relationships so you know if they’re going to be worth it at the end or not.