8 Top Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath

You know how empaths are considered as those who can heal. Empaths can feel what others are feeling. We take empaths as somebody who is sensitive to everything and can easily be hurt. But do not take it as their weakness. Just because they feel bad for all and truly feel for people does not mean they are weak. It is their sensitive nature which makes them feel deeply for others.

They can easily read you through your body language. This helps them in reading your mind. They know who you are by just looking at you. This also helps them in knowing who is honest and who is not.

Empaths are so good at judging people that it is impossible for others to hide feelings from them. Try lying to an empath. Trust me you will regret it. The moment they detect the lie they will tell you and you will not enjoy it.

Let’s look at the eight reasons why you should be careful with an empath.

1. They know when you’re acting around them.

Be yourself with an empath otherwise, they will know. You cannot be fake with them. They will know it immediately. They are okay with you the way you are. If you want to continue your relationship with an empath, make sure to be yourself.

2. They’re the best human lie detectors.

They can detect if a person is lying. Empaths have this ability to see through people. They can tell who is true and who is not. They only empathize if a person is true.

3. They can tell when you’re jealous.

Trust me an empath will know if you are jealous. Jealousy does not go unnoticed. However, they make sure not to provoke you and make you jealous.

4. They can tell when you hate them too.

Just like they can tell how you are, empaths know how you feel about them. If they are not in your good list, they will know immediately. They will help you in this case by keeping a distance from you. So you do not have to pretend with them.

5. They can’t stand fake flattery.

If you are trying to flatter an empath, please know that they will find out. It really annoys them. When they find out that you are just trying to use them and saying good things that you do not mean, they will move away from you.

6. They can tell if you have prejudices.

Do not be judgmental around an empath. They do not like people who judge others or hold grudges against certain race, religion, gender etc. They will let you know that this is something they do not like.

7. They can sense when you’re not okay.

If you are bottling things up and for that reason you are upset, an empath will find out right away. They can judge when someone is not telling the true feelings. They know when someone hides from them. They want to know the true feelings to help a person. To make them feel better about themselves.

8. They know when you’re being self-destructive.

An empath is always looking to help. If you develop self-destructive behaviors, they know immediately. They end up helping you and bringing you back to life.