9 Signs You Are Settling For A Guy Who Is All Wrong For You

With time relationships settle down. Things ease between the two parties and a level of comfort is developed. However, it is possible that you may end up falling for the wrong guy. In this case, look for the following 9 signs.

You never disagree with him

It highly recommended that to maintain a good relationship there should be communication. Your partner should know what you need, how you think, what your feelings about stuff are and what exactly you want. At some point, you may disagree too with your partner. However, if there are no disagreements and you cannot bring yourself to voice to him that you don’t agree with something then there is a problem. He is overshadowing your thoughts and jeopardizing the relationship. This is crucial.

You spend more time with your friends than him

There is a problem if you start enjoying your time more with your friends. It is like you are seeking a way out of spending time with him. This is an important sign because you are prioritizing your friends and not him. There should be a balance in relationships between friends and partner and if you are unable to do it then you need to think about it.

You’re apathetic about your future

Breakups are not good. It gives you pain and makes you sad. When two people start a relationship, they do not care about a breakup. However, when in a relationship you decide that its time you break up and it would not cause you any hurt then you should consider your relationship again. What is the point if you are not dreading the breakup?

You consider cheating on him or already have

You do not cheat when in a relationship. Cheating is off limits. But even the thought of cheating is not allowed. If you have cheated or plan on cheating, then please give your relationship a thought. Are you thinking you deserve better than what you already have?

He bores the hell out of you

If you are bored and the relationship is not exciting, then there is a problem. When in a relationship you should not be bored with your partner. He should be fun to be with at least for you if not everyone else. You date somebody and enjoy their company. However, if you are not enjoying and bored then this is a sign the relationship is done.

You’re jealous of your friends’ relationships

You think of other relationships as perfect and you keep wondering what is lacking in yours. This eventually leads to getting jealous of your friends’ relationships. People are happy in their relationships and you may think that they are happy, but you are not. Comparisons kill the essence of relationships. If you are continuously unhappy then change your partner.

You dream of meeting someone new

If you are looking forward to meeting someone else, someone better while you are in a relationship then you must consider it as a red flag. You are thinking about the guys you meet and who will become the replacement. Even the office colleague who has never even spoken to you. If you keep fantasizing, then go ahead and just find the new guy.

The relationship has gone stale

If the relationships stop and it does not grow, then you must consider changing your partner. Reconsider your relationship, has it gone stale. Few women are okay if the guy is just present as a relationship partner and that is it. When love dies the relationship is dead.  

He just doesn’t do it for you anymore

After the honeymoon period, every relationship becomes normal. It is not like you will feel butterflies all day. However, if he is not able to stir excitement in you then you must look into it. Give it another shot before ending this relationship. It is possible he is not looking to excite you anymore.