A Heart-Wrenching Statement From The Man Whose Ex-Wife Got Engaged To Someone Else

Children from separated parents are often emotionally shaken by the breakdown of their parent’s marriage, they face more ups and down compared to the children of happy couples. It’s really tragic for children to see their family falling apart. Children always need their mother and father together to support them and to be the shelter to them.

You can’t just get over the divorce so easily. You have to face the circumstances afterwards. A divorce comes after so many fights, arguments, misunderstandings, tears, pain and much more. Children see all the mess of the breakup and the image of a perfect family can be broken in their minds forever.

Separation is inevitable if both the partners make up their mind not to live together. They become blind in their own rage and don’t see the trauma of their children attached to both parents.

For children, it is the most sensitive topic but for parents who decide to split, it is just something they need to do. They are unable at times to see how traumatic it is for the children they brought into the world together.

Blake Higginbotham is someone who went through an unsuccessful marriage that ended up in divorce. His divorce is an exception and brought a positive change in life. The details of this Hollywood couple is below:

Their marriage was a failure and they decided to separate. At the time of separation, they had no feelings left in them for each other. They were sure of the fact that nothing can save their marriage, so they left it. But now, things are different. They still see each other but as friends, and they are doing this, for their children so that they don’t feel negative about either of their parents.

Just like others, Blake’s ex-wife also moved on in her life and fell in love with someone else, and she decided to marry that man. He saw his ex-wife had a ring on her finger which showed she was now engaged to someone. It’s a natural feeling for a father to be concerned when he knows that his children are going to have a stepfather. No man can love their children as much as a father can.

Soon as his ex-wife announced her engagement on social media, all the fans wanted to know the reaction of Blake. Though the photos were full of emotions and highlighted the deep emotions of her, the statement from Blake was really positive and full of good wishes for his ex-wife and mother of his children.

He said that this woman, who is his ex-wife, is a mom of his children and a person who brought such adorable and sweet children to the world. It doesn’t matter if they couldn’t have a successful marriage and ended up as divorced, he always regards that woman for being the mom his children. He mentioned that separation was a bitter one but things after three years of their separation things changed. Now they are like friends to each other, they share the duties of being a mother and father. They support each other regardless of what they went through. He appreciated the guy whom his ex-wife selected as a partner and mentioned that he loves his children like his own and the children also love him back equally.

He said he is thankful to them for taking care of his children and for being so friendly and open-minded even after the mess that happened. He conveyed a message to all people who are divorced to move on and look at everything with a different view.

Being parents is really difficult, and that parents should always work together in a way that ensures their children feel happy safe and secure.

Blake and his ex-wife are happy about their decision and they feel really glad to be friends together. Their friendship has a good level of respect for each other, their children are happy that they can have both the parents in their lives, though not living together.