A Man Who Thinks You Are Worthy Will Come Along

Being with a man who never values your existence in his life is a curse and can lead to an emotional breakdown. Women are emotional creatures we know that.  They give everything to the man they love and demand nothing in return besides love, care and appreciation. But there are men who are far too selfish to appreciate a good woman. They never know how to appreciate someone’s effort and how to be thankful to them. They don’t even know how to return your love with love. All they know is how to drag you down.

Being with a man like this can never give you anything except put onto you their own insecurities. You are just a punch bag for him who takes out his frustration on you by verbally abusing you and even hitting you. He will make you feel insignificant. The reality is he is not good enough for you.

He has always tried to change you by making you feel that you are not good enough. No! You are not the one who is supposed to change. They are the ones who need to change, but that is not your job, they have to do that all by themselves if that is even possible.

It’s time to open your eyes and see what your life is really like. If you feel unwanted walk away with your head high.

A man shouldn’t expect or demand that the woman in his life change herself for him. Instead, he should grow with her and encourage her in all she does. He will see your amazing qualities and love you for it even if some of your traits can be a little flawed he will still love you.

He will never try to control your emotions, rather he will try to support your emotions no matter whether they are positive or negative. You know the ones you felt in the past that broke your heart, made you feel at times some level of hatred for yourself and you feel suddenly alone, the right man will support you to change your emotions on this as you deserve so much more.

When the right man comes into your life you will struggle to believe that he is real this is because of how you have been treated in the past, you will doubt everything until you can see that he isn’t faking anything with you.

Be patient and don’t lose hope there are good men as well as bad ones.

A good man will always admire you and appreciate everything you do for him. He will treat you like a princess, value your qualities. He will not only admire you he will encourage you to grow alongside him.

The right man will never allow you, himself or anyone else to disrespect you. He will respect you and never tolerate anyone who tries to put you down. He will always value your opinion and listen to your ideas and perspectives. Also, he will trust you and never want to keep you on a short leash!  

There will be a man in your life who knows the exact meaning of being a partner. He will offer you his companionship rather than slavery as that is what life was like before for you. You will be given your equal rights and he will never impose his will and himself on you.

You will have a man in your life, for whom you will mean everything to. He will not treat you like an option you will be the only woman who exists for him. He will never look for better options nor will he be impressed by the looks of other women. For him, you will be the most important and beautiful woman on earth.

The right man will come in your life who will love you the way you are. He would never want to change you. He will love you the way you are and not the way you look. He will make you feel worthy rather than worthless. All you need is patience to find such a gem but yes, true men exist and walk with you in good times and bad.

Just wait for the right one.