A Mini Guide On How To Choose To Be Happy

We seem to be constantly looking for ways to make ourselves happy, we read tons of books, look at what others are doing, sometimes even believe happiness can be found with someone else, the reality is happiness is in your own hands if you only stop to think about that instead of looking everywhere but at yourself.

We all make mistakes in our search for happiness, so please don’t beat yourself up and consider yourself a failure because you’re not.

Your life is a gift, its priceless and that gift gives you laughter, tears, pain, pleasure and it teaches you to appreciate what you have and to value your life.

Here are a few tips on how to find a little happiness in your world.


Laugh until your stomach hurts, laugh until you have tears rolling down your face, look back to a time when you laughed like that, bet it made you feel good and released any stress you were feeling at the time.

Be an idiot

Act an idiot once in a while, stop wondering if everyone is watching you, most are not they are too busy with their heads down looking at their phones to notice that you are making fun of yourself and enjoying the moment.

Embrace life

If events surrounding you are beyond your control, why make yourself sick over them, accept there is nothing you can do about it and do the best you can, you are on this earth for such a short time, embrace it.

Your tribe

Surround yourself with people that are on the same wavelength as you, like your own personal tribe. The ones that have your best interests at heart and have no space in theirs to be cruel or envious of you. The ones who love seeing you laugh and smile and be happy in yourself. Who celebrate your successes and comfort you when you fall.


Hate to say it but to be happy we also have to experience bad times as it helps us appreciate our good times when we have them. When times are bad think back on a happier moment in your life it will help you through the darker times.


No matter how small be grateful with what you have, never take anything for granted. Be humble and work hard at keeping yourself happy and balanced, small changes often make the biggest difference.

We are not what we own

Never put material things in front of your spiritual and emotional needs, I am not talking the basics as we need them to survive. I’m talking about why covet a huge house, posh car, huge bank account which has no guarantee will make you happy, when if you look within yourself you will be amazed at what your mind body and soul can feed you with. We are not what we own, we are who we are.


Leave the past firmly there. Nothing you can say or do now will change past events, live in the here and now. If its good memories then, by all means, revisit those happy times, if the memories are bad and can damage the now, leave them on the wave behind.


As much as we would like to see into the future its just isn’t possible to do so. Don’t be scared of what the future may hold for you, it will come soon enough and just embrace it when it arrives.


Concentrate on this, the present day, embrace what it is showing you, live it to the full after all tomorrow is never promised so give today your all.

Have faith and trust in yourself that everything will work out for the best.