According To Science Women Sleep Better Next to Dogs Than Men

Our doggie fur babies sure do love to cuddle up to us no matter how big they get, what was once a cute little buddle can in some cases grow enormous yet still, we make room for them even if we end up hanging off the edge of the bed.

Taking a nap with them sounds good, they curl up with us and we feel safe with them there and now it turns out there is a scientific reason behind why women sleep better with their dog than they do with their partner.

Personally, I find it nice when my dog climbs up and cuddles up to me, not so much when I wake up and find I have his bum in my face! Payback he has to tolerate my morning breath so I guess that makes us equal.

He has a habit of licking my face which used to annoy the hell out of me until I realized he was doing it to wake me up from my numerous bad dreams.

When sleeping with my ex I found I had terrible nights sleep, I’d wake each time he moved and he was a blanket hogger too which didn’t help, whereas now sleeping with my dog I do sleep better.

The research carried out broke down into all the different ways the quality of sleep was achieved by sleeping with your dog rather than a male and to be honest I don’t find the results surprising.

The number one benefit is security we find ourselves feeling safe that our dog is in the room with us and should any intruder get into our home they will be in for a big surprise should they even reach the bedroom.

When you live alone after being in a relationship every little noise sounds loud and potentially frightening. Having your fur baby guarding you put your mind at ease thus giving you a better night’s sleep.

During the research 962 of the adult women surveyed said they felt more secure sleeping with their dog.

They also commented on the survey that their dogs were less disruptive to their sleep as once settled down they basically stayed in the same position all night long whereas their ex-partners would move around a lot and let’s not even start on the snoring!

When asked if they had cats too and did they sleep with them, most reported that whilst their cats did initially curl up on the bed, they would at some point be up running around, pawing or padding at them at ungodly like hours for food and this is down to the fact cats are nocturnal creatures who hunt at night.

Dr Christy L. Hoffman, who conducted the study, stated that should really take the results with a pinch of salt as after all some dogs also like to be active at night, overall it really is down to each person’s perception of how they believe their night’s sleep went.

The keyword here is perception. As each person was self-assessing on how their night’s sleep was affected, so rushing out to get a dog if you suffer from insomnia is not necessarily the cure.

Dr Hoffman plans to carry out a study in regard to how well men sleep with dogs too for equal balance.

So, what happens if men and women sleep better with dogs, do we go back to bygone generations where some had separate rooms and only meeting up for odd night like a conjugal visit? 

I leave that thought with you.