According To The Zodiac These The 6 Signs Are Just The Biggest Liars Around

‘Liar, liar pants on fire’, I sometimes really wish that would happen would be a great warning sign, wouldn’t it?


They can’t stick to their story and be done with it. There is always some kind of embellishment, the problem is as their minds are constantly changing, they can’t remember what they said 5 minutes ago.

This can then be perceived as lying when the reality is, they just can’t remember all that was said, so they say what they think was said that leads to some frustrating times. They tell white lies to get themselves out of hot water but that just lands them in further trouble. They are such complex souls.


This sign lies to make themselves feel good about themselves. They will lie about everything and anything. They do this to become dominant in any situation as to dominate gives them control.

They don’t see anything wrong in telling lies, and often they believe the lies to be true anyway so they can get confused and upset when being accused of lying. Confront them about their lying and they will simply remove you from their life, this is because they know they no longer have your trust and respect so it’s time to find someone new to lie to.


They do love a bit of drama our Leo’s. They have this image that they are better than everyone else and should be worshipped as such. Sadly, this isn’t the case and everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie and they tell some whoppers.

The lies play a part of their seductive routine to reel in new partners and they play it out as long as possible until they are exposed, and you can almost see them shrug their shoulders and do the ‘oh well’ they have no conscience about the lies they have told or if anyone has been hurt because of them.


The actors of the zodiac they lie as if it is a profession and they are damn good at it. They have this weird view that everyone lies and so what get over it attitude. Lying is almost hobby like to them, it passes the time of day. What they don’t understand is that lying hurts people, they just don’t see it.

They even lie to their children if they have any, and they have no understanding of the impact that has on their whole relationship right into the future, for as far as they are concerned, they can say what they like to their children.



If there is something, they don’t want to do they won’t do it and lie as to why they can’t do it instead of just being honest and saying ‘I don’t want to do that’ they have been known to fake illness so serious that they end up in hospital wasting resources and they just don’t care as long as it gets them out of a situation.

They lie every damn day and they make it seem so effortless that it is exactly doing this that makes the lies so convincingly true. They always put themselves first as they are selfish individuals and they will lie to get what they want.


As Pisces live in their own dream world, what to others is lying is not as far as they are concerned as what they are saying is real in their dream world so therefore must be real in the world of reality. They can look you straight in the eyes when telling a lie as to them it is the truth.

They are usually very honest people, it’s just how they view life in general which is in a dream state. They will lie to get themselves out of a situation but this is more often done out of fear rather than malice.