According To Your Zodiac Sign, This Is The Horror Movie Villain You Would Be

Aries – Freddy Krueger

Short-tempered and mean, hot-headed and impulsive you can be just what nightmares are made of.

Taurus – Leatherface

You hate spending money and recycle everything you can, thrift stores are your go-to when you need new clothes and are not too shabby and needlecraft either, this is Leatherface to a T.

Gemini – Pinhead

You love going to the extremes and you are far from a vanilla person. You are more than capable of delivering and enjoying pain.

Cancer – Jason Voorhees

You are one moody motherfucker and a right Mommies boy/girl so it’s no surprise Jason Voorhees is your villain.

Leo – Count Dracula

You are filled with self-importance and known for the dramatic, so it is no surprise that Count Dracula is your villain.

Virgo – Paul

It is no surprise for this one, you are a perfectionist and you hate rude people so your methodical thinking shines through when you turn psycho on someone.

Libra – Frankenstein’s Monster

Not a lover of violence, just as Frankenstein was pieced together by the mad doctor you at times feel unloved just as he did, so not really a villain more a victim.

Scorpio – Jigsaw

Scorpios are extremely intense people. They are driven to uncover the truth by any means possible and when they feel the need, they can set traps of the deadliest kind.

Sagittarius – Michael Myers

You enjoy exploring and seeing things of interests, you enjoy road trips just as Myers did in the first Halloween when he escaped the asylum. No matter how many times someone knocks you down you just keep getting up, just like Myers.

Capricorn – The Leprechaun

Uniquely weird and someone who appreciates the finer things, you love shoes but struggle to pick out a pair but once you set your sights on that perfect pair you are unstoppable even if you have to murder some bitch to get the shoes.

Aquarius – Hannibal Lecter

You are extremely intelligent, quick-witted and devious. You never do anything without an ulterior motive, an end game, so Hannibal is you to a T.

Pisces – Pennywise the Dancing Clown

You hate to be criticized and live in your little world. You do love to make children laugh and smile right up to just before the desire to kill them becomes too strong.