Amazing Perks Of Being An Old Soul In A Young Body

“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the lustre of it will never appear.” 
― Daniel Defoe

1. You feel like you are in the wrong century.

You can at times feel out of time and place, it’s because your soul is remembering a life lived before, this is why old souls have the sense of Deja Vu when they visit a new place. Some old souls have been able to give clear directions, replay memories and at times not feel like they fit in.

2. Your body is young, but your mind and soul are ancient.

Your soul has so many memories that when you are with people your own age, you feel older, you can be quick-witted, very intelligent and you have a much older perspective on life than your peers. You do get bored easily and as a result, tend to get up to mischief that leaves your peers laughing at your antics.

3. You are the perfect combination of mature and playful.

You listen to your inner voice and at times your inner child, they are not the same thing. Your inner child is what keeps you level with the time you are in, your inner voice is telling you of memories from long ago, they can at times get confusing, but they make you an incredible person to know.

4. You are a loner.

You love hanging out with people, although you can feel like an outsider as some of the ideas you come out with can appear odd to those around you, this doesn’t bother you and you love your own company more than being in company, solitude gives you peace.

5. The people you have in your life are rare and special.

You keep your circle small as you will not suffer fools gladly. You develop relationships that are deep and long-lasting. You always put yourself in other people’s shoes and look at the bigger picture which is why your friends respect you so much.

6. You have your own dreamland.

You can appear absent-minded to those that don’t know you well, this is far from the truth, you just enjoy living in your own world that feeds your mind, body and soul. You have little time for drama and will focus out do avoid confrontations.

7. You love travelling to places that have a soul as old as yours.

You can often find yourself planning trips that others are surprised you are even entertaining. The reason for this is your old soul is speaking to you and encouraging you to visit places of memories past.

8. You know what is truly important.

Material things are not important to you at all, you don’t covet money, image even appearance. As long as you have a roof over your head, food and enough money to live on you are happy.