An Amazing Teacher Wears Internal Organs Bodysuit To Teach Students Anatomy

Teaching curious minds has to be one of the most rewarding careers out there. You are helping minds develop and grow and seeing children potentially become the leaders of the next generation.

No one denies that some lessons can be challenging, perhaps even boring for some, so with that in mind, a teacher called Veronica Duque came up with a unique and imaginative way to teach her students anatomy.

The teacher of 15 years uses other creative ideas to engage kids. Pic: @mikemoratinos

Veronica Duque, 43, put on a bodysuit depicting the inside of a human body to help her year four class “visualize the disposition of internal organs”.

She arrived at the lesson at Maria Teresa Inigo de Toro school in Valladolid wearing a white coat before removing it to a mixed reaction.

Veronica Duque removed a white coat to reveal the outfit. Pic: @mikemoratinos

There was “confusion, shouts, applause and some covered their eyes”, admitted Veronica.

Veronica wanted to make her class more practical and more informative before turning to the more traditional method of using a plastic bust.

Veronica says she found the costume by pure chance after seeing an advert online and decided to buy it.

“I found it very interesting because the organs are seen from behind,” said Veronica.

A fellow teacher snapped some pictures of Veronica giving the lesson and sent them to her husband, who uploaded them to Twitter where they went viral.

“Almost everyone says I hope more teachers like her,” he said.

“I am glad that Veronica has this moment for both her and her school and all teachers.”

A colleague snapped some photos of the class. Pic: @mikemoratinos

But it’s not the first creative idea to teach complex subjects Veronica has come up with.

She also uses cardboard crowns to help her students learn grammar.

“It is very difficult for them to understand the differences between verbs and nouns at that age, but you give them something analog and it makes them very excited,” she said.

The teacher of 15 years also uses disguises to teach history lessons, according to another website.

A similar tale emerged five years ago when a Dutch teacher used several bodysuits to show the human body’s layers – including skeleton and internal organs.

Teachers like this are absolutely the genius’s that make great strides in educating and winning the hearts and minds of their students.