Be Careful Who You Allow Close To You, Sometimes We Attract Toxic People

There are people in the world who are great actors! They will do all they can to convince you that they are good people when the truth of the matter is, they are not.

At first, you might not see them for who they really are, but as you spend time with them things become clear.

No two toxic people are the same, they may appear as such but they each bring an extra piece of poison to the table.

It is in human nature to be trusting and forgiving so we, therefore, surround ourselves with people who are not worthy of this.

We should be careful who we let into our inner circle of life, as if we don’t protect ourselves, we find life is full of drama, bullshit and we are left drained.

There are signs to look out for from the early stages of getting to know someone, yet it is worth noting that these people are clever and devious and their toxic behavior isn’t always clear from the outset.

6 Signs You’re Facing Toxic People In Your Life:

  1. They are always bringing up things they’ve done to try to sway your choices.

They love to pull a guilt trip on you, reminding you of all they have done for you, especially if they are asking you to do something for them and you have said no. It shouldn’t be about evening out what each other has done, anything done for each other should be because you want to help and support each other, so if someone in your life is keeping score, they are not good for you.

  1. They are always trying to use intimidation against you to get their way. 

If you disagree with them and will not change your mind which is your right, and they apply pressure tactics and even aggression to move your thinking over to what they want then toxicity is what you are experiencing.

  1. They are very ‘my way or the highway.’

Toxic people very much live by the ‘my way or the highway’ attitude and this is far from healthy. Everyone has their own mind and are entitled to their own views. Should you not comply with their way they will blow it all out of proportion thinking that you will give in to them.

  1. You feel very wiped out after spending time with them.

Toxic people are draining, a few minutes with them can feel like hours and all you will want to do is get away from them. If you spend too much time around them you lack the chance to recharge before their next onslaught particularly if it is a working environment.

  1. They never want to take ‘no’ as an answer.

They will not accept the word NO!

The word no is like a challenge to them and they hate it with a passion. They will keep forcing their views or agenda on you thinking you will back down. They will push until they hear the word Yes!

  1. Nothing is ever good enough for them.

The more you give to these people, the more they will take. Nothing you give will ever be enough, they will drain you until you have nothing left to give, and once they are done with you, they will go off in search of a new supply.