Bedroom Business With The 3 Most Intimate Signs Of The Zodiac

Have you ever been intimate with someone who just totally blows your mind and your body is in the zone of O.M.G.?

That person who literally does make the earth move and you find yourself in outer space looking down on yourself and you can see your whole-body glowing.

Your eyes have done the rollback and not because someone has said something ridiculously stupid, but because all your senses are on fire from the tips of your fingers right down to your toes.

As for the orgasm, hold that thought, as for the multiple orgasms where you actually thought you were going to die for lack of oxygen, you never believed were possible.

Your pure animal instinct has been let out and you can’t believe the sounds, the cries, the moans all came from you.

This encounter is one you will never forget, be it a one-night stand, which you will no doubt wish wasn’t just a one-night stand, to finding ‘the one’ the partner that makes bedroom business a fine art.

I’m not saying the other signs are boring, far from it, but these 3 signs are the top ranking and their prowess is just a natural order of intimacy for them.


The King they are, they are famous for their abilities in the bedroom and even those that have since separated from them will always talk with a sigh of how amazing they were in bed.

They are simply life-changing, they are literally psychic about your needs and they meet those needs with vigour, they delve deep into your soul and you will feel at one with them body and soul in this encounter.

Each time they make love it is as if it the last time they ever will, they give their all. You will never be left unsatisfied, they are capable of soft and romantic as well as full on animalistic frenzy, they know what you want and when you want it and they will always leave you aching in all the right places.


Wild they are!

When they want you, they go all out to get you, once theirs you will never ever know what is coming at you, but you will love every second of it.

They will make you feel the most desirable woman on the planet, they will simply make the air vibrate around you, that it takes your breath away.

This is definitely the sign to keep surfaces decluttered around as they will literally knock everything out the way, throwing you on the surface as he wants you right there and then and you could very well orgasm to the sound of glasses crashing down on the floor.

He loves fast and explosive one day, to slow, long build up another, or perhaps even on the same day, he is definitely not a once a day guy.


The ‘mouth’ of the zodiac, no not a talker a doer!

His mouth technique knows no boundaries, from gentle playful bites and nibbles, to hard on bruising that leaves a pleasurable ache. His tongue leaves your skin on fire and you’ll be left wondering why you haven’t simply combusted into oblivion.

He will push all boundaries leaving you satisfied, and yes, begging for more which he is more than happy to oblige.

You end up a mess of good emotions which he is always careful to put back together ready for next time.