Betrayals That Are Just As Hurtful As An Affair

Any relationship is like a full-time job. Both partners need to work at it and it’s not easy, at times it’s downright tough.

What is tougher is when you find one partner had betrayed another and we are not just talking about an affair!

Hiding a drug addiction.

Drug addiction makes the person change from the moment it sets in.

The person who has the addiction becomes an expert at hiding it. When it is discovered the pain runs deep and your partner ends up not trusting you at all levels.

They will question why the need to take drugs even happened in the first place, but to then find that they are way down the list of needs compared to drugs is devastating.

Confiding your problems in others first.

When a partner finds out they have been a subject of conversations with anyone but them the hurt runs deep.

They don’t understand why you couldn’t talk to them about what was wrong. The trust will be broken, and they will feel very uncomfortable that others know about the problems you are both having.


It only takes one lie for the trust to be brutally betrayed.

Your partner will doubt everything you say from that moment on. You will find yourself having to prove whatever you say is true. It is almost impossible to live like that and most relationships come to an end. No matter how hard it may be, to tell the truth, tell it as a lie is always worse.

Speaking badly about you to family, children, friends, etc.

This often happens during a separation or divorce, the desire to talk smack and have yourself seen in a better light doesn’t bode well, in fact, most people will then view you badly rather than the partner you are talking about.

This is a typical narcissistic trait and sadly children are pulled into this toxic behavior.

Emotional cheating.

You know exactly what I mean, oh yes you do!

Emailing an old sweetheart, you found on Facebook, texting a co-worker that isn’t strictly about work, private messaging it all adds up to emotional cheating.

Your heart and mind should be focused on your partner and if you have one your family, not what was in the past and not what is leaving you wide open to straying.

Bullying or emotional/verbal abuse.

Being mean to your partner and chipping away at their self-worth makes you an asshole.

Your partner will be left wondering what the hell went wrong, they will become miserable. They love you but can’t understand why you are being mean to them. Emotions will run high in your partner and they will eventually become a shadow of their former self.


There are so many forms of disrespect, sometimes people don’t even realise they are doing it, that’s no excuse.

Putting yourself first and not caring what your partner thinks or wants is selfish you are a couple after all. If you lack respect you may find yourself, alone very quickly.

It takes two to make a relationship work, try remembering that.