A Blunt And Outspoken Friend Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

Honest and outspoken friends are very hard to find these days. Everyone is busy trying to please others with lies, and only a few people exist who are daring enough to be what they actually are. They never hesitate to say the truth to your face and they never put on a front to hide who they truly are. If you have someone in your life who’s pure and blunt, keep and cherish them. These friends are hard to find. They can offend you and even embarrass you with their truthfulness, but you learn to accept the good and bad about yourself and everything around you when you have them as a friend. They are the most trustworthy friends, who deserve your loyalty and should never be pushed from your life.

Let’s have a look at why you should consider yourself lucky if you have been blessed with a blunt friend in your life, and why they should be considered your best friend.

They’ll never please you with a lie.

Blunt and honest friends never tell you something to please you, instead, they say what they think is right for you. If they see something bad or disturbing that you do, they will tell you so that you can improve yourself. It’s constructive feedback for you, (though sometimes given in a sarcastic tone). So rather than bothering with the words, try to focus on the meaning, so that you really realize the worth of your best friend. It will help you improve yourself in a good way!

They speak their minds openly.

The best part of having an honest friend is that it’s easy to understand the things going on in their mind. They think loud and clear. Whatever they will think, they will speak. They will never manipulate their words into twisted stories, rather they will say everything racing in their mind with frankness and openness. Also, you will know what’s good and bad in them and you don’t make any false guess regarding their personalities, nor they will ever give you any false impression of themselves.

They’re not backstabbers.

A blunt friend is always easy to trust. You already know their nature and that you can count on them. Your secrets are safe with them. They will always defend you in your absence and never talk to someone about you behind your back. They will never break your trust. Be aware of those who are always sweet to your face because such people are the ones who are quick to stab you in the back when you have shortcomings. A blunt friend never does that. They love you to your face, and they love you behind your back.

They make awesome company.

A straightforward friend is the best company to hang out with. You enjoy their honesty, loyalty and offensive nature. They are pure in their hearts, and that’s why they will comment on everything honestly. They are enjoyable and give you the most beautiful moments and memories forever.

The purest form of friendship to enjoy.

A blunt friend gives you friendship in its purest form. You learn the true meaning of friendship in their company. You learn to be an extrovert and to speak what you actually hold in your mind and heart. Being blunt is not acceptable by many people in our society but in actual, it is the rare quality that must be adopted from such honest and open people. You learn too much from them including how to be truthful, daring and never bothering to please everyone that comes in your life.

If you are looking for any quality while making a new friend, blunt and straightforwardness should always be your top priority. A diplomatic person can never be a true friend but a blunt one can be the best one. Such people are truly devoted ones and stand with you through thick and thin, forever.