Calling A Narcissist Out Is More Dangerous Than People Realize

When you discover someone close is a narcissist and the mask, they wear has finally fallen off it can leave you devastated, but its what comes after that can often lead you into danger.

Once the narcissist knows they have been discovered they do everything they can to stop you from exposing them. They thrive on being viewed a certain way, which they will lose once you start telling people who they truly are.

You are shattering the illusion they have worked hard to build. They will almost turn into a frenzy of discrediting you so that people will not believe what you are saying, they will make you out to be a crazy person who lies when the truth is it is them that are the liars.

The more you call them out the more the narcissist will be triggered as a whole Melanie Tonai Evans wrote as follows on her website in regards to this kind of thing:

The narcissist has no intention of being accountable, pinned down, or remorseful. The harder you try to get accountability, and make a narcissist act with decency, integrity, and consideration, the more he or she will push back, tormenting you even more.

Narcissists are the epitome of the mirror reflecting back to us a BIG Quantum wake-up call.

The complete false premise that we can change other people to make ourselves feel better.

Quantum Law – so within, so without – means we can only change our inner state in relation to what is happening in our outer world. We need to adjust and up-level from our own traumas and belief systems that are generating what is going on in our life. And then, when we do this, people will either rise up to join us at our new established boundaries and truth, or we leave the experience to go our separate ways into experiences that are our truth.

The longer we stay stuck righteously in trying to change a narcissist to get a change in our own emotional state and life, the more we get the true results of this Quantum Truth which are:

‘When I deny my own development and hold others responsible for my Self and Life – nothing changes. I only get more of my traumatized state.’

You find yourself in the position where you want to world to know what you have endured at their hand, but you need to ask yourself is it worth more pain and trauma to call them out, or would it be wiser to just walk away.

You are not letting them win, far from it.

Their anger and violence can put you in danger some narcissists are not above using violence to keep their false life in the dark.

There is power in surviving, walking away, and taking control of your life, leaving the narcissist powerless over you.

Taking your life back is your choice. Healing is more important for your mental well-being than revenge by exposing them.