Cancer – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

It’s all about negotiating as your 2020 kicks off. Stand your ground, sing your own praises, and you could land yourself a top-notch deal.

Balancing work and play is also vital. You could end up doing more hours, taking on extra responsibility or even rise to the top of the pile this year, but it won’t suit you to be cash rich and time poor or vice versa.

February is the month to lay the foundations for your dream job. Once you sow the seeds, star power should do the rest with opportunities coming courtesy of Pluto and Jupiter, in June and November.

As to cash flow, there are some highs and lows. Money and windfalls are on their way thanks to what you say and do in July and August and in December when a creative talent you have fills a supply gap. However, expenses for the family and entertainment could be on the rise in September and October where there is so much fun to be had and you won’t turn any of it down. Save a little here and there when you are flush and you should stay in the black.

Love and Friendship

If you are single at the start of the year, it’s unlikely you will be by the end of 2020!

Planetary power is making a beeline for your zone of connections, putting relationships and friendships centre stage all year long.

The effect of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in this area of your life is two-fold. They are urging you to appreciate partners, friends and suitors and they aren’t allowing you to ignore any aspect of your personal life or friendships that aren’t up to scratch.

In February, under the light of the Full Moon, you are realising what a wonderful nurturer you are but also that you wouldn’t mind some nurturing. With Mars linking to Jupiter in March you could start demanding more give and take and those that aren’t there to lend a shoulder to cry on or a laugh when you need it could soon slip off your Christmas card list.

Mercury gives you a helping hand in expressing your feelings in the second half of July and, once everyone knows where they stand, you should be in for your most loved-up and romantic year yet.

Home and Family

You may like your home exactly as it is, but you could be prompted to make changes in February as Venus and Neptune travel together. A hobby or home business could need some space, prompting a clever reshuffle, as you expand the way you use your home.

As much as you are a homebody you may be longing to escape the four walls in May as Mars enters your travel zone. A romantic weekend or girls away-day should lift your mood again.

It could feel like high time you had a professional picture taken of your clan in April and the result will become a family treasure.

The Eclipse Effect

The Moon is your ruler which is why you can be deeply affected by every new and full Moon in the heavens. Imagine, then, how powerful the eclipse could be for you if you harness their energy. There are two in your sign in 2020. The first is a lunar eclipse on 10th January. Write down what you want to let go of and then one by one circumstances will present themselves so you can make it happen. The second is a solar eclipse on 21st June. This one urges you to visualise all that you want to draw into your life. Again, once you state your intentions, situations occur that help you on your way.


Affirmation for 2020

Use this to bring added joy and happiness to your life.

‘As I release the hurts of the past, love has me grinning from ear to ear, in 2020 I dare to let others near. I allow myself to say what I feel and desire and when I encourage partners to do the same it has us both inspired.’


Credit to Rosalie Jones