Capricorn – What 2020 Has In Store For You According To The Zodiac

Cash and Career

You are a force to be reckoned with this year. Five planets power up your zone of self in January, and this is your signal to start as you mean to go on. If you set your mind to something, it will be done, and you shall make no bones about it.

Previously, you may have focused on one goal at a time, but now you could have many plates spinning at once and achieve everything you set out to in turn. Sounds incredible? Well, it is, and so are you in 2020.

Doing what you want to do rather than what you think you should, is another change of directions, that should be most noticeable in February and March when Mars is in your sign, and you feel life is all about you.

Pay rises and promotions, starting a business, retiring with a lump sum are all up for grabs, particularly in April and May. Plus in August and September, you are outsmarting and outrunning the competition, with windfalls starred to be just one of the rewards.

Love and Friendship

With Uranus in your zone of romance, you could be hard to pin down in April and May. Singles could be flirty and flighty trying different flavors of ending dates halfway through if you don’t feel the chemistry.

Falling in love hook, line and sinker are starred for June, though, so prepare to become partnered up before you know it, while those attached could be enjoying a second honeymoon period.

Couples are reinventing their relationships in August, too, with old dreams being revived. Love is also where relaxation is found, so when you need to recharge your batteries, take a walk hand-in-hand at sunset, read to each other by a fireside or watch a rom-com.

Home and Family

The links between you and your immediate and extended family, and even those you think of as family but aren’t blood relatives, can blossom with minimum effort in February. You are all making your mark on the world separately but can help each other greatly.

Being open to exchanging contracts making recommendations and swapping money-making tips sees you all prosper in March. Plus new faces and places you introduce each other to create a shared social life in April.

Your sense of pride in who you are is set to glow, too, in July when you find distant relatives and research your family tree. There could be some intense discussions in September about how you divide your time between home and career, or home and your hobbies.

A balance must be struck that doesn’t make you feel short-changed or this feeling could fester in September. House moves could be smoothest in August while your creative juices are flowing in October for a spruce-up.

The Eclipse Effect

Three of the six eclipses this year are encouraging you to let others in more. You can be a very independent character, but you can be more successful with the right people by your side. This applies to business partnerships and friendships as well as lovers. During the 10th of January eclipse, let go of past issues and think about how you can do relationships differently. The around 21st June eclipse, you should be ready to let lovers and friends get closer and feel all the richer for it. Finally, the 5th of July eclipse should see a personal ambition to flight, in part thanks to your fan club.

Affirmation for 2020

Use this to support you in all your endeavors;

‘The best thing I can be is me, I have all I need and more to cope with and enjoy everything I find behind each new door. My life is changing and I change with it, there is nothing to be afraid of I am happy and full of spirit.’

Credit to Rosalie Jones