Couple Build Amazing Shipping Container Home For Debt-Free Living

People all over the world are taking stock of how they want their life to be.

The COVID19 crisis has certainly made us stop, slow down, and for some given them time to think about how life will be once the crisis is over.

Will life ever return to what it once was or will we all be left with a changed life that includes permanent social distancing, and changes in our work and living environments.

With finances stretched to the limit, cost of living increasing in what feels a daily event, perhaps a simpler economical way of living is what is needed.

For one couple they have already taken the steps to have a home hey designed and constructed themselves which has left them debt-free.

They used one 20ft container and one 40ft container to make their home.

When constructing their dream home they adhered entirely to the do-it-yourself advice.

This home is filled with many incredible features.

The couple built their amazing home, in which they have everything they need, but in addition, it has an artistic flair and quirkiness that truly makes it their own.

Building their own home in this way, they fulfilled their dream of living out of debt and mortgages.

Their main commitment in life is not to borrow unnecessarily and not to exaggerate their demands.

Their story is an example of resilience, love, choosing joy, and overcoming adversity.

While the couple was planning how to build a home, Dave suffered a major brain bleed, which was a small obstacle to their plan, but they did not give up.

They started new challenges together and building a container house has actually become part of Dave’s physical and mental recovery.