Dairy Queen Cookie Blizzard Is A Pink Frozen Dream For Summer

It’s mixed with pink confetti frosting! Just take my money already!

There is an abundance of frozen treats when you go to Dairy Queen.

It’s almost impossible to pick an ice cream creation!

Yet, when the shop comes out with a limited-edition offering, you just know you have to take one as you don’t want to miss out.

So you might want to join us in ordering the new Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard.

This Blizzard takes us back to our childhood days when the summers were long and ice cream was almost the staple diet that kept us going through the blazing heat.

Dairy Queen’s soft serve is blended with real frosted animal sugar cookies with sprinkles and pink confetti frosting.

The result is this incredible pink frozen treat with pink chunks and round rainbow sprinkles throughout.

Yes, please!