Dear Ex, You Told Me I Would Never Find Someone Like You, You’re Right I Found Someone Better

You loved to tell me you were the best of all men and that I would never find anyone like you, you were right there is no one like you.

The reason there is no one else like you is simple, no one to date I have met has been so abusive, arrogant and destructive as you were to me, I now understand why you have so many ex’s!

Most people have respect for their partner, they work as a team together building a future, they don’t use abuse to get what they want from their partner.

I remember all that you did it is forever burnt into my memory, never to be forgotten although admittedly it will fade over time.

You blew up my phone if I didn’t answer you right away, you got insanely mad when I spent time with family and friends until for a quiet life, I stopped seeing them, you got what you wanted didn’t you, you isolated me.

Each time your torrent of verbal abuse ended, you would then tell me how sorry you were and that you only got mad because you loved me so much, such a twisted view of love you have.

You slowly but surely took control over my life; I dreaded the holidays having to find an excuse not to spend Christmas or Thanksgiving with my family. I tried to compromise with you and for us to have everyone to us, we did that once and you ruined the day for everyone.

It took me years to finally see you clearly, I guess I’m a slow learner but learn I did, all valuable lessons.

The number of times you would suddenly become sick and you would need me to care for you, cooking you special meals because you claimed certain foods made you ill. Showering you as you were too weak to stand on your own, how many times did I fall for that one.

You see my view was and will always be when someone you love is sick you do all you can to help them get better, and you used that to your advantage.

I still remember driving past a burger place and seeing you sitting there eating burger and fries the very food you told me made you sick, the disgust of finding out that lie ran deep, might sound petty to some, but it is how I felt.

I could spend a lifetime listing all the things you made me do and all the things you said but I’m no longer with you so that time has passed.

The fact is since leaving you life has become amazing and new. I breathe fresh air as if I have never taken a breath before. I do what I want when I want, see who I want when I want.

It is like I have been given a second chance at life and I am not going to mess it up. I’m living it to the maximum.

You’re a narcissist and I’m sure you are telling yourself that everything that went wrong is my fault after all you are so perfect, aren’t you?

I have found someone better, someone, who respects me, someone who loves me, and the person I found after all this time is ME!