Disney release a Nightmare before Christmas Monopoly game you need to own!

Summer is going to be over before we even know it. As sad as it makes me to have to say goodbye to those long summer nights, I am very ready for all the fall things. Crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, and best of all Halloween. I will be watching marathon horror movies and playing this new special edition Nightmare Before Christmas version of Monopoly Disney has released!

Jack Skeleton is the star of The Nightmare Before Christmas, so it only makes sense that the money is his. Each of the notes has a different face of Jack’s but it still retains the bright colors of the original Monopoly so it’ll seem familiar yet new. Although I would have loved some classic pinstripes and skeleton white colors too. 

In regular Monopoly, I always fought hard to get to be the dog. Is any other piece even comparable? But in the Nightmare Before Christmas version, it will always be Sally for me. But all the other choices are so amazing there is bound to be someone for everyone. The options are Jack Skellington’s skull, Oogie Boogie, Sally, Evil Teddy, the Mayor’s hearse, or Zombie Duck. 

 “Add a fright to game night with this Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas collector’s edition of Monopoly, featuring Jack’s Tower, Zero’s Tomb, Dr. Finkelstein’s Laboratory, and Spiral Hill,” reads the game’s description. Those are just a few of the squares you’ll recognize on this board.

 If you NEED to add Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly to your board game collection and let us be honest you will, it’s available on shopDisney for $39.95 here. Given that you can play with up to five other people, this will come in handy just at home with your sibling/partner/roommate or with a bigger group at a Halloween party or something.