Doctor Warns That The Christmas Party Season Can Trigger Some Men To Experience Erectile Dysfunction

Tis the season for erecting trees and putting up the lights and we all know what a struggle that can be, but according to Dr Sarah Jarvis that’s not the only struggle some men have this festive season.

Doctors are seeing more and more men being plagued by erectile dysfunction during the festive season especially with the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

The increase in alcohol intake affects the hormones in the body that is responsible for triggering erections.

Dr Sarah Jarvis warns that if men continue to heavily booze after Christmas and well into the New Year, it could even cause their testicles to shrink.

Dr Jarvis, GP and Clinical Director of, said; “It’s not called ‘brewer’s droop’ for nothing.

“There is absolutely no doubt that too much alcohol can affect your performance in the bedroom.

Impact testosterone levels

“Alcohol may make you feel less inhibited, but it can reduce the sensitivity of your nerve endings.

“It can also affect hormones in your body that help trigger erections.

“A single heavy bout of drinking can lead to dehydration, which reduces the amount of blood you need circulating to keep your erection up.

“And in the longer term, excess alcohol can have a major impact on your testosterone levels and even lead to the shrinking of your testicles.”

Testicles shrink

Dr Jarvis’ comments come following a new study that revealed 66 per cent of men will drink twice as much alcohol as usual during the festive season.

And 26 per cent of men have experienced erectile dysfunction after drinking alcohol.

The results came following a survey of 2,000 UK adults by men’s digital health clinic, Numan.

Of the adults surveyed, beer came out on top as the worst alcoholic beverage for erectile dysfunction issues, with 48 per cent admitting that beer caused problems when trying to maintain an erection.

This was closely followed by liquor (37 per cent) and wine (32 per cent).

Experts are now encouraging men not to let embarrassment get in the way and take action to address the problem.

Sokratis Papafloratos, Numan CEO and Founder, said: “Whether you suffer from alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction or ED for any other reason, we want men to know that they are not alone and there is help available.

“It’s important that they are kind to their bodies and ultimately take action about their health and wellbeing.

“It is the festive season, so we all indulge a little more, but it’s important to balance that with activities that promote health and remember that binge drinking is never a good idea.”

Health specialists will often treat impotence by targeting an underlying health condition which is causing it such as heart disease or diabetes.

Lifestyle changes are also recommended such as losing weight, quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol, exercising more, and reducing stress.