Dog Owner Takes ‘In The Doghouse’ To A Whole New Level

A stay-at-home mum has created an amazing dog room for her puppy under the stairs for just $70.

Georgina Beetlestone, 31, from Newport, Saffron Walden, made the beautiful room for her Pomeranian, Minnie, who is 9 months old, by transforming an under-stairs cupboard.

Georgina Beetlestone made a doghouse under her stairs for her Pomeranian Minnie Credit: Caters News Agency
She decorated the interior with pictures of Minnie’s parent’s Credit: Caters News Agency

Minnie has her own room now, complete with a bed, a doggy-themed wallpaper and even a framed photo of her parents.

Georgina, mum to Lilly- Ella, 11, and Jesse, 19 months, said: “I have always wanted to make one but I didn’t have any under stairs space in my previous property.

“When I moved to this property a year ago, I saw the potential for a dog room and decided to make it.

“My friend’s partner cut the hole for me, I made a patrician to put inside the cupboard, I put sticky tiles on the floor and put the wallpaper and a LED light because I didn’t want it to be all gloomy- all I need is name plaque now.

She decorated the interior with pictures of Minnie’s parent’s Credit: Caters News Agency

“I even called the breeder and asked for a photo of Minnie’s parents.

“I was waiting for it to dry so I didn’t put her inside yet but it looks like she likes it because she keeps going to see.

“The whole thing cost me $70 for the wood, the MDF board, the wallpaper and, the tiles.

“I really enjoyed making it, I loved it- she is so sweet she deserves it. “

She shared photos of her handiwork online, leaving fellow pet-owners seriously jealous Credit: Caters News Agency

Georgina shared snaps of her creation on Facebook, where she was showered with praise for her handiwork.

Commenting on her post, one wrote: “That’s amazing. Can you come and do mine?”

Another envious pet-owner wrote: “This is so amazing! Absolutely love it.”

“Looks good Georgie! U guys will have to do mine next!!!” said a third.