Each Zodiac Sign Has A Certain Style Of Love They Give To Their Partners

There are six love styles, Eros, mania, pragma, storge, agape and ludus. These all describe the way you act in your relationship.

For example, those who love passionately are Eros, those who are practical about love are pragma and those whose love style is mania are obsessive. Storge people are about loyalty and friendship, Agape is selfless in love and those who are ludus are uncommitted and enjoy playing games.

What you probably didn’t know is that your love style is connected to the zodiac sign you were born under.



Aries love the idea of love and sometimes they love the idea more than the person they are actually with. They enjoy the chase and the passion the chase involves and once committed they do try and ensure the relationship doesn’t fall into a rut.



Due to their stubborn nature they try and hold onto their relationship no matter what, to have a relationship fail is like a personal failing and Taurus don’t do well with failure, because of this they become obsessive.



Gemini’s are very easy come easy go, so if the relationship isn’t working out the way they want they will just move on. This makes them come across as cold and unfeeling, the reality is they accept the relationship is going nowhere and that’s not necessarily a bad place to be.



When they love someone, they give them their all, their entire world revolves around their partner. This can be suffocating for their partner especially as they have become dependent on them and this leaves their partner with no room to breathe and be themselves.



They are loyal and fidelity is at the top of their list of must-haves when looking for a partner. They tend to make friends before moving on to lovers when starting a relationship. There must be total mutual trust and friendship for any relationship to work for them.



They totally believe in unconditional love and this can make them hard to connect with, they will always put their partner’s needs above their own as to a Virgo this is how love should be. They do however expect the same love in return and right from the early days so they can come across as needy too.



Just a Virgo they are selfless in love. They will give their all and when they find someone who is worthy of their love there is no holding them back. They can be a bit of a challenge because of this as they will try and get their partner away from people who they feel are not worthy of their partners time.



They love and thrive on playing mind games in a relationship which leaves their partner not knowing where they stand. This is manipulation at its best and they don’t realize that if they just acted normally instead of trying to control everything, they would have a better chance at a long-term relationship instead of things often falling apart.



They are the same as Scorpio, the last thing they ever really want despite saying they do is a long-term relationship. They find having to commit an impossible task and they are often found jumping from one relationship to another without so much as a backward glance.



They are similar to Gemini in their love style, they do however apply logic to their relationships. They are never guided by their heart; they listen to their mind even if they have strong emotional feelings. They are always looking ahead at what ifs and maybes.



They have the same style as a Leo oddly enough. They have no interest in casual hookups and are rarely found to be the ones that are involved in meaningless affairs. They are looking for real love, so a filler, so they are happy to be alone until the right person comes along.



The most emotional sign of the zodiac so no surprise that their love style is mania. They fall in love and become almost obsessive with their partner. Everything is watched and assessed which puts a strain on the relationship and some people have said that being involved with a Pisces has even led to them having mental health issues.