Fake Vs Real Friends: 10 Ways To Spot The Fakers In Your Circle

We all think our friends are the most amazing friends a person can have until something happens that leaves you wondering how you missed all the signs that they were just as fake as it can get.

Have you found yourself in the situation where you’ve found the person you thought was a true friend and knows all your secrets just isn’t so and is now running their mouth telling everyone what you confided in them?

What they are doing is exploiting you, doing all they can to damage your reputation and they are as toxic as it can get.

No one deals with the betrayal of this kind of very well, the hurt runs deep, its time to stand up for yourself and not allow anyone to take advantage of you again.

10 Things You Need To Be Aware Of When Trying To Spot Fake Friends:

  1. Fake friends don’t make time for you.

You are always available for them when they need you but when the tables are turned and you need them, they can’t possibly change their plans for you. They only want to hang out with you on their terms, time to remove this friend from your circle.

  1. Fake friends will speak negatively about you/to you.

The way they talk to you in front of people and behind your back is damaging. They claim its just a joke and not to be so sensitive. They don’t get to tell you how you feel if it hurts you then it’s real and they should stop it and you need to get them out of your life.

  1. Fake friends will not message you unless they need something.

They only make contact when they need something from you. You can weeks without hearing from them then out of the blue you get a message and its because they need to borrow some money as they are broke. You are not a bank, close their account, and call in any outstanding loans due.

  1. Fake friends will hold grudges over stupid things.

They’d make a drama out of fresh air if they could. They are petty about everything and even make things up you haven’t even done so you are left feeling that you have something to make up for and boy will they drag that out. Classic toxic gaslighting and you don’t need that in your life.

  1. Fake friends will let you do stupid shit.

Good friends, ‘real’ friends would stop you from doing something they know you will regret, and whilst you may be annoyed at the time you will thank them later. A fake friend will let you fuck up and laugh at you whilst you are doing so. Truth is it’s just something they can hold over you at a later time.

  1. Fake friends criticize you far too much for the things you choose to do in life.

They always have something to say about whatever you do; they could have always done it better or you should have listened to them. They give advice even when it hasn’t been asked for, and when things go wrong, they are the loudest to say, ‘I told you so’.

  1. Fake friends will gossip A LOT.

They talk about everyone in a negative way to you, then you see them acting all angelic to the very people they have been gossiping about. Always live by the saying; ‘If they talk to you about people, they will talking about you to those people too’. A good one to live by as it is proven over and over to be true.

  1. Fake friends want you to make them a priority.

They are your priority and that’s final according to them, they are the only true friend and everyone else is just a two-faced bitch. Talk about being dictated to who you spend time with. When someone does that, they are insecure but that isn’t your problem.

  1. Fake friends want all the attention.

Everything has to be about them. They are the center of everyone’s world, they are important no one else is, but they keep you on the sidelines in case something goes wrong and they need a little ego boost. They are overshadowing you and have zero respect for you as a person.

  1. Fake friends will pretty much compete with you.

You have a nice home, they have to have one better, you have a great car, they have to get the newest model of it, you have a great job, well damn their job is even better, getting the picture. Friends don’t compete they celebrate each other’s successes.