For All Of The Beautiful Souls Who Overthink And Overlove

Sometimes, the struggle that comes along with overthinking lays heavy on your chest. You are unable to make any decisions without lingering thoughts. You are unable to interact on phone calls, without any good reason. You feel confused while texting someone and end up changing things you say multiple times. You feel like a lost soul while connecting with people. You face a continuous struggle with enormous thoughts collected in your head. You feel detached due to the thoughts circulating through your mind.

Because you are an overthinker who loses control over your thoughts, you strong. You are the one who truly cares. The one who cannot sleep at night without getting uncomfortable because of all all the twist and turns. You need to learn that overthinking is not necessarily a negative thing. It is associated with your nature. You are always worried about your loved ones.

You are mentally lost and you consider it one of your flaws. You are physically present, but what about your mind? Most of the time, you are carried away with your thoughts and you don’t know how to catch up with your surroundings.

Overthinking might make you believe that you are leading a life of constant stress and over obsessive behavior. However, this is not entirely true. Your overthinking is related to your caring nature. Your loud mind is in a constant battle to make everyone happy around you. You overlove others because you are aware of the feeling associated with not being good enough. Basically, an overthinker will never let their loved ones go.

Because overthinkers are always considering every aspect and possibility of the situation, they end up improving things for others. They consider all outcomes and they reduce the chances of hurting anyone around them through their words or actions. They will fight to the end of the earth to make their loved one feel special, and it is definitely not a weakness. They won’t settle for anything less than happiness for the people they love and it might lead them to stress.

You overthink but you are the one who overloves too.

Your heart is way too kind and you’re always worried about others. You have a lot to offer to others. You give your everything to the one you fall for. You don’t miss a single chance in making them feel wanted and loved. You forget yourself in making them feel secure. You are not the half-assed lover who is capable of getting over the one they love. You invest your heart and soul to attain the eternity of the love.

You are always there for the ones you love. Without any fear or regret, you fall for the one. Your love knows no limit or boundary. You are willing to give up on your being for your love. This is how you love the people around you.

This is the reason why you overthink everything. You do it because you want everything to be on point. You do it because you are caring. You do it because you know the worth of every person that exists in your life. You do it because you take your commitments seriously. You do it because your relationships and promises mean the world to you.

Fears and insecurities are a part of your soul. You cannot function without them. You cannot resolve these dreadful thoughts and haunting emotions. The feeling of not being good enough makes you feel worthless. You try so hard to make other’s happy along with chasing from all the unresolved issues within yourself.

But this is not your weakness. You are the lover that every person desires. All you want is acceptance, care, respect, and love. All you want is to make other’s feel worthy and secure.

On the other side?

It also shows that your heart is capable and strong enough to love every person you know. If you truly love someone, they mean the world to you.

And, this strong feeling of love leads your loud mind toward overthinking which is acceptable.