Game of Thrones Evil Ramsay Bolton Is Playing A Happy Leprechaun In American Gods And He Looks Hot AF

The dishy Iwan Rheon best known for his role as evil Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones is taking on a very different role as a happy-go-lucky Leprechaun in American Gods.

Described as “a charming, good-natured leprechaun who once embraced his stereotypical Lucky Charms, St. Paddy’s Day image,” Doyle is “now on a path to a more dignified and honorable existence.”

The word honorable isn’t absolutely not a word associated with Ramsay, one of GOT’s most notorious characters whose definition of a good time was flaying people alive.

He notably played the heinous character who tortured and castrated Theon Greyjoy, as well as feeding his sidepiece Myranda – and a baby – to his starving dogs.

Iwan’s transition from the Bastard of Bolton to a friendly mythological creature was well received by viewers, who are used to him playing a violent, evil sociopath.

Fans took to Twitter and Instagram in droves to voice their approval about the casting of American Gods this week.

“Wow. He was hiding a lot of cute AF under that Bolton character,” one user tweeted, whilst another declared “I dig it.”

“Just when I thought this show couldn’t get any better,” enthused a third.

One delighted fan tweeted: “This is another great addition to an already great cast!”