Gentlemen, It’s Valentine’s Day Very Soon Are You Ready?

Okay listen up gents, your loved one has no doubt been planning your Valentine’s Day gift since the New Year.

It’s time to up your game from last years attempt and the ladies here at Relationship Catalog are here to save your ass.

Here are a few suggestions based on your loved one’s zodiac sign.


Aries being a fire sign loves adventure, perhaps she loves to hike going off into the wilderness to recharge her batteries, so how about some new hiking gear, she won’t be expecting that, and it will show just how much you know about her.


Taurus women love luxury, a touch of sophistication. You won’t go far wrong with a good bottle of wine, you know the one that comes in a box, not a bag. Perhaps a good bottle of perfume, check out what she already has and either buy her a new one of what she is getting low on or be adventurous and buy her something she hasn’t had before.


Gemini women do love fun and music. They love concerts. Do you know her favorite artist, yes? Good then buy her tickets to their next concert she will love the fact you have gone to so much effort.


Ahh, the Cancer woman she is such a sentimental soul. Find a really unique picture frame, make sure it matches her home décor, that shows you pay attention. Put a recent picture of you both in it she will love it.


Leo women do love their jewellery, how about a beautiful necklace hidden in some roses and for goodness sake make sure the note is handwritten, perhaps even using a love poem you’ve written yourself or borrowed from a poet.


Virgo women are very fussy, to say the least, you’ll be pulling your hair out on this one. How about a gift card for a luxury spa day or even a weekend that you can both go together. She’ll appreciate the effort and thought but be warned she may not choose to take you but a girlfriend, don’t take it personally.


Libra women are romantic, they love pretty delicate things such as a fine chained necklace, dainty earrings, but how about upping your game big time and purchasing a delicate rose that you have arranged to be named after her?


Yes, Scorpio woman is the sex sign of the zodiac, and you can and do get away with the classic sexy lingerie, but how about a step change and buying her some designer sunglasses, designer is sexy to a Scorpio.


Sagittarius women love to travel and being adventurous in where they go. If you can afford it how about a surprise trip somewhere she has never been, or a passport holder that’s unique to her style, or a full blow out, a passport holder with surprise tickets inside.


Capricorn women love quality, they are the quieter of the signs, they are workaholics so how about something nice for their desk, a paperweight or a letter opener, yes, old fashioned ideas but shows thought and just think whenever she uses them, she will think of you


Aquarius women are the oddity of the zodiac, they are quirky yet love technology, they can be gym freaks too, so how about a wearable fitness gadget that she can use.


Pisces women are romantic and spiritual. Perhaps a selection of scented candles would be ideal for her, or even some candles that have been carved to make them more unique.

We hope some of these ideas have helped and that you don’t end up in the dog house on February 14th. After all, if social media is to be believed get it right and you won’t miss out on March 14th supposed steak and BJ day!