Girlfriends Who Are Chilled Out To High Maintenance According To Their Zodiac Sign

Sometimes relationships appear way too much hard work at times and according to the zodiac, some signs are more high maintenance than others.


You’re pretty flexible and understanding of those around you and you are in no way a needy person. You work hard at your relationship and you’re happy that you have found someone to love and who loves you in return.  You are very emotional and as such can pick up when your partner needs some alone time and you’re not one to take need personally.


Free-spirited and adventurous is how you like live and you like to be left alone to do things your way. For you, life is one big adventure and has to be explored to the maximum. You prefer partners who are not all over you and need to know everything you are doing, so when you find a person who is happy for you to just be you then you are in a win-win situation.


You prefer to keep your emotions to yourself which gives the impression that you a closed off person and basically a no-go area which couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you trust someone you give them your all, you relax and you can be charming, you’re never pushy and you don’t get jealous easily if at all. As long as your partner gives you space everything is fine.


You are an easy person to get along with and you avoid conflict as you feel that causes more problems than if you just kept quiet. This isn’t the answer as if something bothers you then you should speak up. You enjoy being part of a couple and the freedom that comes with it if someone should try to stop you doing something you go from chilled to burning hot very quickly.


You give your relationships your all and you are a very caring and emotional person that has a ton of love to give. You expect the same love back that you give out and you don’t think that is too much to ask for. You are not very demanding but will kick off if your partner starts to take you for granted.


As you would expect with a Gemini there are two sides to how you behave which sometimes leaves your partner wondering just what the hell is going on. If you can’t decide what you want how is your partner supposed to know. You can be a lot of fun to spend time with but you’re also a real pain in the ass.


You have standards and expect those who want to be with you to have the same. You work hard on your career and want to achieve your goals. You give the same amount of energy to relationships, so you can be a bit high maintenance and at times put unreasonable demands on your partner.


You are someone who craves attention and affection, but you also give this to your partner. You have a caring nature but you can be very demanding of your partner. Everything has to be just so which can leave them exhausted just from spending time with you.


You get bored easily you crave excitement and are not one to tolerate life getting mundane. You demand excitement from your partner and if they can’t deliver it you get whiney and start to nag. Once boredom has set in it usually means the end of the relationship as clearly your demands are not being met.


You have high expectations, so high, in fact, they are literally impossible for anyone to meet. You have to control everything in the relationship right down to what your partner wears, eats and even likes. Quite frankly you’re a bitch and so high maintenance is it any wonder you spend more time alone than in a relationship.


You have unrealistic expectations of your partner, that is just the way you are about everything, not just relationships. You are demanding all the time, your demands are actually relentless and your partner ends up feeling they can do nothing right in your eyes, chill out a bit and you might find your partner being more responsive to you.


You are the ultimate high maintenance chick! You have an enormous ego and if you’re not the centre of attention then look out world one huge temper tantrum coming up. You are impossible to please even when your partner does something right, you will still find holes and pick them apart.