Great Reason To Date A Teacher

Ever dropped your kids off at school and wondered if the teacher in the schoolyard is single?

Yeah, go on own up, it has crossed your mind.

Wondering what it would be like to date a teacher, it has got to have plus’s right? After all, they look after kids all day long.

Long summer vacations

Who the heck else has such long vacation time, three months!!!

Just think all that time to go travelling with no real time limit holding you up. Perfect for say a vacation to Europe as a quick example.

Best thing of all they still get paid whilst vacationing, although let’s be fair here they earn every damn cent during school semesters, just think all those kids under their daily care, I’d say being a teacher is stressful too.

They are patient 

Yes, they have oodles of patience, can you imagine a class of say 30 teenagers challenging your every word, because they can?

Teenagers do love to make an environment noisy at times and yelling at them just gives them more power.

I’ve personally seen a teacher bring control to a room by just standing there looking disinterested in what they are doing, takes their power away.

So, patience in a partner would be amazing to have, teachers are good listeners too so whatever crisis mode you may think you’re having they will support you through it.

Teachers are positive 

They are without a doubt the most positive people I know.

They always seem to be smiling, even if through gritted teeth, when little Marky has yet again had his homework eaten by the family dog.

They ooze energy into a room and keep life interesting whether that is at work in their teaching role or at home with you.

A teacher who appreciates life and makes life fun is always going to be a students favorite compared to fussy, dusty oldie who drones on and on.

They want to help 

Their role in life is to educate the little angels put in front of them.

They are passionate about seeing them grow and achieve what life has given them.

Sometimes this can pass over into private life and not always in a good way, they can sometimes come off as lecturing, rather than discussing, give them a warning shot to make them aware they have gone into teacher mode, not partner mode, well they can’t be perfect you know.

They know how to listen 

They make incredible listeners.

They also are problem solvers.

You may find yourself talking and talking and talking about something that is really bothering you, and without you really noticing it, they have asked some key questions which result in you looking at life a different way.

Then Boom! Problem is solved.

Yes, teachers are great potential partners in my opinion.