Habits That Might Show You’re Living With High-Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety affects people differently. Some people isolate themselves, whereas others know how to deal with it. Some people with high functioning anxiety end up being high contributors in social events and lead quite normal lives, even when they are unhappy and depressed inside with anxiety. Some examples of the traits exhibited by people with high-functioning anxiety are given below:

Anxiety: Many people do not even know you have anxiety if you are properly functioning in public. They may think you are just acting weird at times and do not think beyond that. That is because you are hiding anxiety well behind your face.

Anxiety: Your heart may be racing, but your face will not show it. You are busy with things and when someone adds more burden to your list of things, you end up taking the task with a smile. You do not try to avoid it. You take it happily. Even if you are unhappy you end up showing you are happy. You are more than willing to just isolate yourself from the world, but you try hard to get away from it and not let it control you.

Anxiety: It just does not go away easily. It may be called high-functioning anxiety, but that’s just because during the day it’s not present. At night it strikes as if it is waiting in the darkness to pounce on you.

Anxiety: It attacks you differently. It’s different how others deal with it. It can make you uneasy, can stir a panic inside you, cause you loads of stress, making you nauseous and what not. It shakes you from the inside and causes terrible headaches. You’re consumed by this but still, you cope with it. You find the light at the end of the tunnel. It is like every day you are fighting a battle. A battle between your head and yourself.

Anxiety: It makes you so weird that you sometimes end up leaving early from gatherings. You don’t enjoy every evening out, instead, end up leaving early with some excuse. You can surround yourself with close friends though, and that company takes over your anxiety. Even though it can be distracting and also relaxing, times like that always come to an end, and anxiety is always back to haunt you.

You burden yourself with loads of things to keep you busy and distracted. You are afraid of letting people down. Things may not be related to your work but you do them anyway to keep yourself distracted. You do not want to be isolated with your thoughts. You do not realize this, but you need to take time to slow down and get ahold of yourself too.

You are a people’ pleaser. You cannot see anyone unhappy. You focus on keeping people happy. You put in extra efforts to see the smile on your friends and family’ faces. You are happy when they feel proud of you, but you are not proud of yourself ever, even if you have accomplished big things in life.