Have You Ever Been Mooned? NO! Not That Mooned, “Mooning Is The New Ghosting.”

Mooning is simply put, turning on your “do not disturb” feature on your phone, so that you will not receive any text, calls, emails from anyone until you turn the feature back off.

GQ Magazine is asking if this is “a thing” so if they are asking there must be a sudden rise in “Mooning” going on.

EJ Dickson from GQ has said “The iPhone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode silences everyone, temporarily turning off all your notifications.”

Sounds perfect doesn’t it, but what about those you do want to hear from?

This feature can also be applied to mute certain people in group texts.

Example being you’ve been dating someone in this group text, but you don’t want to hear from them anymore, you just “moon” out of the group chat and turn off any notifications from them.

First hand. 

Mooning? What does it look like? You can still text them but it won’t show up in their notifications, you have basically been relegated to their spam folder, unlike if you have been blocked and it tells you that you are unable to message this person, it doesn’t tell you that you have been ‘mooned’ so you have no idea why they haven’t responded, you’ve been ghosted!


Drama’s a pain in the ass, isn’t it? So ‘mooning’ is a perfect solution to keeping your life drama free. It’s a great way to mute ex’s that you are co-parenting with as they ignore the boundaries you have set up, just remember to turn the moon off when it’s child visitation time.


Sometimes it takes time before you’re ready to block someone, so mooning helps with an adjustment period before going full block. Not everyone has the willpower to go cold turkey from a toxic relationship.


It’s useful to moon some of your friends if they are constant texters that tell you about every second of their lives, and even worse when it’s a group text situation and your phone is getting blown up, not everyone needs to know every second of your life.


What would be worse for you? Mooning where you don’t even know your messages are not going through or ghosting where your message go through you know they have gone through and they purposely don’t respond. Personally, I’d rather know the truth and have ghosting than mooning.


Someone can legitimately say they never received a text from you as your text didn’t go through to them, they can screenshot to you and it will show no message, and you will be left wondering if there is something wrong with your phone, if that’s happened to you it could be that you have been mooned and they don’t want to tell you.


Now that you know about mooning, what do you think about it?

Do you think you’ll be mooning anyone anytime soon?