Holographic Hair Is The Most Magical Hair

With lockdown happening across the globe people are turning their minds to what to do at home, not only just cleaning their homes, doing home baking and binge-watching to pass the time, they are looking at ways to be creative with their hair since all the salons are closed.

We’ve had many trends come and go, but the holographic hues achieved by hand-pressed coloring still prove popular since it was first introduced back in 2017.

Hand-pressed coloringΒ uses the methods behind screen printing and brings them to your locks.

The stylist paints different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas with dye and then places a section of hair onto the glass, transferring the dye to your strands.

The stylist repeats the process using pastel hues of pink, blue, and lavender on different sections of hair or repeatedly on the same section to vary the intensity of the color.

The technique is faster than other popular color applications like foil and balayage and allows the stylist to have greater control over the vibrancy of the look.

The process only works on light-colored hair and gray hair, let’s hope they soon find a way for this to work on those of us who have darker hair.