How He Is Likely To Pursue You Based On His Zodiac Sign

According to the zodiac, some signs love the chase more than others. Some just get a real thrill out of chasing someone whilst others are more in the can’t be bothered with all that zone.


They love the chase and the thrill it gives them but once they have you, they lose interest fast as the thrill has gone. The harder you play to get the harder they will work on getting you. Should you then not live up to their expectations during the chase they will simply disappear from your life, boredom is not something they tolerate.


They are not so obvious about the chase as the Aries man is. They like to keep a balance and are careful not to come off as a stalker, but they will know your every move. They do make for great partners and they will want to spend as much time with you as possible.


They do love the chase, one day they will be all over you and you may even feel suffocated by them, for them to be cold and distant the next day, you will never know where you are with them. They use their charm and wit to get what they want from you and once they have you then the game is finished and they move onto the next person.


They wear their heart on their sleeves and are not really a one for chasing as such but they do tend to make the first move in a potential relationship. They will make it clear they are interested in you, but should you not feel the same way they will work harder at convincing you that you both have a future together, sometimes they come off as really creepy.


As the lion it is in his DNA to chase down his prey, they love everything about the chase whether you like it or not. They can come across as very domineering and someone to avoid. Once he has you then the game has ended, you are no longer prey you have been his dinner, he will take what he wants from you and then move on to the next.


They don’t see the sense in chasing anyone, they believe if they are destined to be with someone it will happen when the time is right. They hate games of any kind and see chasing someone as a worthless game where people end up hurt and they have no time for that kind of pain. They much prefer to being single than in an empty relationship based on lust.


If they see you as a potential match then they will chase you, they will never do it just for fun, they see that as cruel and they will always consider your feelings. They are very principled and what a partner who is the same, so they watch someone for a long time before even considering approaching them, they believe watching from afar shows them the real person lurking beneath.


They tend not to show their feelings much. They want to get to know someone first. They view chasing someone as a pointless exercise and quite boring. If they are interested in you then they will make it clear, they will want to engage in worthwhile conversations. Once 100% interested in you they become extremely focused and passionate with you.


This sign is not going to chase you period. They have a laid-back nature and will just wait for you to chase them if you don’t then its an opportunity missed but they won’t lose sleep over it. They avoid any potential relationships where they are concerned that the partner will not be faithful and they could get hurt, so they prefer to be alone.


They can be quite devious in their approach to getting what they want, they have been known to be players and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve to get what they want. They have the gift for saying the right thing at the right time leaving their intended target eager to spend more time with them. They love to love so if you are lucky enough to be chased by them, get ready for one hell of a ride.


This sign is not going to chase you, their view is if you are attracted to them great, if not then there are plenty more fish in the sea. They enjoy being chased as it turns them on, and they in a way their subconsciousness sends out the chase me signals to those around them. They are very loving with the right person, but if they don’t like you, they soon turn into an asshole.


They will never chase you as they don’t like it. They believe the right person is out there for them and when the time is right, they will appear in their lives. In the meantime, they will be happy to have relationships but will always be a little withdrawn from their partner as they already know there is someone better out there and you are just a filler for now.