How The Same Outfit Looks On Two Friends With Different Body Types

The series called Style Not Size, friends Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos share two things.

They show how the same outfit looks when worn on different body types.

They prove that looking fabulous comes in every size.

Mercedes is a plus-size model and fashion blogger who had the idea to start the series of photos and videos. In doing this, she and Castellanos emphasize that there is no “ideal” body type—just bodies.

From swimwear to shorts to cut-out dresses, anything is fair game for them.

Both women ooze confidence wearing the same outfits and offer us a powerful reminder that fashion is as much about attitude as it is about the clothes we wear.

Mercedes has shared Style Not Size (#stylenotsize) on Tiktok where she posts videos of the two set to music.

With millions of views, it appears that others agree.

Take a look for yourself below!