How You Behave Could Be Chasing Away An Old Soul Even When You Don’t Mean To

If you are the type of person who loves adventure and spontaneity, then an old soul will not be for you.

They are not the ones to be found clubbing and drinking in bars, it’s far too noisy for them.

That doesn’t mean they are unsociable far from it. They love spending time with you and attending family events, but their favorite way to pass time is on a one to one basis with you.

Old souls see their perfect partner as someone they can sit listening to music with, cuddling up on the sofa watching reruns of old movies, and they love to sit and read.

An old soul can’t cope very well with being rushed about, simple things keep them happy and content and they are the embodiment of low maintenance.

If you are the type of person who values material things over good quality time together then the relationship will be doomed.

Sudden surprise luxury vacation is their idea of a nightmare, they would rather you spend quality time at home than spending vast amounts of money.

Old souls thrive on connection, long into the night meaningful conversations. They can’t abide mindless conversations, they need to have their interests peaked and fed.

They are great talkers but excellent listeners. They will ask many questions, it isn’t because they are nosey, far from it, they are just trying to discover the real you, the one that the world doesn’t see.

If you find it hard to form an emotional attachment, then you will drive your old soul away. They are not looking for a fling, in fact, they hate them, and it very rarely happens, the same for one-night stands.

Old souls are the balance in the world, they are down to earth and avoid any kind of drama, so if you’re a bit of a drama queen, then it’s goodbye to you.

They will not enter into a screaming match with you over anything, their way is to sit down and calmly discuss what may be wrong.

Their peers will view them as the adults in the friend’s circle and often find themselves seeking them out for advice, as they know it will be sound in its basis.

They are extremely intelligent and find solving problems easy.

They are the perfect person to date, but only as long as you share the same interests, if you try and push them out of their comfort zone though, you will find the relationship coming to an abrupt end.

So if you want a relationship with an old soul, make sure you are on the same wavelength before it’s too late.