How You Will Find Love In 2020 According To Your Zodiac Sign

Perhaps 2020 will be the year you finally find true love, so keep your mind and your heart open and anything is possible.


You will find the right one in 2020 and they come from an unexpected and surprising place, keep your mind open and when they arrive do take it slow and easy, don’t rush or you could come across and clingy, even desperate and that could frighten them away.


Well, well, well, according to your zodiac wedding bells will be ringing in 2020. You will take someone’s breath away and they want you all for themselves, so a proposal will come very early on in the relationship. But, a word of warning, make sure they are right for you and don’t rush in too fast or you could be facing the divorce courts in 2021.


You enjoy the single life just as much as being part of a couple. You’re not selfish you just know what you want and most of the time that is yourself with a few brief relationships here and there. Carry on as you are living life and having fun, as someone is interested in you, they just need to raise the courage to ask you to become part of their life.


You are so sensitive and have to connect on a deep level with whom you spend quality time with. 2020 is going to teach you a lesson so the relationship won’t last, but you will find yourself all the better for it. Late 2020 you find yourself ready for something more permanent and it could well be that 2021 leads to a wedding you’ve always dreamed of.


This is the year for following your heart, put the damn planner that rules your life down, look up and see the world around you. Lighten up, smile more and the person who has been close by for some time but you haven’t noticed will come into your life completely and you will find yourself falling head over heels for them and you may even wonder how on earth you missed them before.


2020 is your year for taking risks, something you wouldn’t normally do. Get out there talk to people more, make new friends, quit overanalyzing everything, go with the flow and for goodness sake relax. Your confidence will be oozing from every part of you and that will get someone’s attention and they could very well turn out to be the love of your life.


Stop always thinking of other people and their needs, start thinking about yourself for a change. Focus on what you want out of life and what will serve you better to find love and peace of mind. A word of warning, an ex is likely to come crawling back asking for forgiveness, tell him to go do one, as you know it will be a disaster if you take them back. Look forward to life, and as you grow you will find someone who is more than willing to let you thrive and be part of the ride you are on.


No one is going to be able to tie you down in 2020, you are far too busy redirecting your energy to what is best for you. You will find yourself in a happier place and could very well as a result of this part company to a loved one or friends. You will travel and meet new people and in those newfound friends will find a lasting lover who makes all that has gone before worthwhile.


No one is going to get one over you from now on, gone are the times when you allowed people to walk all over you and you kept silent for the sake of peace. A new person will enter your circle and you will both be a little cautious around each other to the amusement of your mutual friends, you could find them pushing you together rather than watching the dance continue with no end in sight.


You’ve not been the luckiest in love sign of the zodiac, but to be honest, that is down to the way you are hard-wired. You have to see the logic in everything, control, perfect positioning and sorry love real life just isn’t like that. You will meet someone this year who blows all that up, life will become messy but fun and you will discover a you that you never even knew existed inside you.


You put on your protective mask every time you go out the door as you are scared to allow people to see the real you, and that is what has damaged so many relationships you have had in the past. Time to throw the masks away and let the real you shine. Open up to people and the right one will love you for who you are warts and all.


My goodness, you do love to dream, the problem with dreams is they are not reality. Your soulmate isn’t going to come knocking on your door, this ain’t no movie love! Wake up to your life, open your eyes and get out there into the real world. Start being more sociable, turn up the parties when invited and that soulmate you’ve been dreaming of could very well be there too.