I Don’t Want To Date Someone Who Makes Me Feel Like I Am Difficult To Love

I am not difficult to love, I know I’m not, I’ve just allowed some men in the past to make me feel that way.

Well no more feeling that way, as my expectations are not unreasonable, so love me for who I am or take a hike.

I know I can text a lot, sometimes in quick succession that’s due to my anxiety which you knew about when we met, you accepted that part of me, so don’t now make me feel bad about myself.

We are in a relationship. That means spending time together, doing things together, I’m not stopping you having guy time, but every weekend? Not ok! I’ll say it again we are in a relationship and that means time together, and I will not let you make me feel bad for expecting that.

I know I talk a lot, you told me that was cute, so what has suddenly changed? I talk when things bother me, as I believe talking things through help resolve any issues. As you are on my mind and things feel off, I start talking about that, and you try and make me feel like it’s my fault.

I still get silly over the neighbor’s dog, why not she’s adorable, and I still start singing at the top of my voice when my favorite song comes on, nothing about me has changed, you said you liked that about me, I guess that was a lie huh?

I’m a tactile person I always have been, so why suddenly when I hug you, you say I’m being too clingy, needy even attention seeking. I haven’t changed but you sure have.

I’ve got some hot off the press news for you Mister!

I am not someone you just have to put up with, don’t want to be with me then go!

I am not someone who will put up with your bullshit, there’s the door go!

I am not going to allow you to make me feel unlovable, even when I’m full of flu and in my onesie as quite frankly looking sexy is the last thing on my mind and should be the last on yours too.

I am not a nuisance.

I am not a pain in the ass.

I am not difficult to love.

You are not going to be allowed in my personal space after attempting to bring my self-worth down to nothing.

I’m not a chore that is a burden upon you.

I’ll tell you what I am.

I’m worth loving.

I’m worth spending time with.

And I worth more than you will ever understand.

So Goodbye Mister and Good Luck with life I’m off to find a man who never finds me difficult to love.