I Feel Sorry For The Woman Who Loves You After Me

Jealousy really hit me. Though I do not enjoy being jealous, it’s how you made me feel. My fears included you loving someone more than me. It included you torturing me more than me.

When we had a break up, I prayed that no other woman will love you like I did. I was jealous and this is what it made me do. Now I am just sorry for the one who will fall in love with you.

I know one day you will belong to someone else. It is possible that someone will fall in love with you someday, and they’ll try to love you even when you are not the kind to be loved.

You may be shocked to know that this future that I see of you with another woman, it does not surprise me at all. In fact I feel sorry for the next woman. You do not know what she will have to go through just because she is with you.

What a misery that she will face just to be with you. I know she will be in emotional pain with you. I just feel sorry that you do not know the pain you give to people.

Your new woman will think she has it all. She has everything everyone could ever need in a relationship, but she will soon realize what a mistake she has made. You are not the one to be loved. You are a pain and this pain is something noone can take. You are non-reliable and you are a cheat.

She will be so mistaken. She will think you are the best person anyone can get, but that is not true. You are the kind who would torture another person. She will end up loving you and then hating herself for loving you.

Trust me, I know you will not change. The true you just cannot change. Even if you think you will for a woman, you will not.

She will soon realize that you are not one who can love. You will not greet her and won’t even bother to hear about her issues. They are of no use to you. Though in the start you will give her priority over everything and everyone. As time passes she will not even be an option. This is the sadness that you bring.

It will be too late before she realizes all this. She may think that you are different now because of her. That is not true. You were like this, someone who turns good women into victims.

She does not know that this is who you are. You’ll use her and take her for granted. You are not even willing to make a relationship work.

Every woman needs love. If she knew from the start, I do not think she would be with you. You are a monster who will not be true with her ever.

I was in her place once and trust me it was nothing less than torturing. I just feel bad for her. I do not envy her.