I’d Rather Be Single Than End Up With Someone Who Does These 8 Things

As you grow up, you learn that people come and go. There are very few people who will stick with you no matter what. When you are young, you are fascinated with the idea of being forever in love with someone. We often accept someone’s flaws and bad habits just for the sake of temporary attachment. When you are out of that phase and you become a little wiser, you learn the importance of self-love and appreciation. You learn that you deserve nothing less than best. You learn that there is no point of settling for anything less than respect, love, and happiness. As an adult, I have learned that I’d rather spend my life single than be with someone who does these eight things;

A man who does not respect what we have

If you are constantly flirting with other girls in my absence or just for the sake of fun, then you are not the man who should be in any relationship. If you are always trying to chase other girls or you are just after someone’s looks, then you better stay away from me. Cheating in a commitment is not justified. I want a man who knows the value of what we have.

A man who is not able to share feelings

Intimacy and openness in any romantic relationship is necessary for it to survive. You should be able to disclose your true side in front of your soulmate. You should be completely honest about your feelings and you shouldn’t be afraid of sharing your secrets and thoughts. I cannot stand any fake vibes or superficial relationships. I cannot consider any man my soulmate when we both are unable to share our true feelings.

A man who discourages and depresses me

A man should be able to put up with an ambitious woman. He should support her visions, perspectives, and goals. A man who is threatened by a strong woman and tries to discourage her vision shouldn’t consider being in a relationship. A man should always support his woman whether it is about her appearance, body shape, or career plan.

A man who is scared of investing in commitment

A relationship is based on a mutual exchange of feelings. It’s important to invest your effort and time into your relationship. I want a man who knows exactly what he wants out of his relationship and life. After knowing that, he should be able to invest every possible thing to make that relationship strong. A man who considers the relationship a game for the sake of casual hooking up and temporary benefits should stay away from me.

A man who tries to control my mind

I have a strong opinion regarding everything that happens to me. I decide my vibes and I cannot tolerate a person who tries to interrupt my thoughts. I cannot allow any man who tries to control my mind and change my perspective. I believe in compromising in any relationship, however, I cannot allow any man to dictate me.

A man who is manipulator or gas-lighter

A man who always tries to make you feel doubtful and conscious about your choices and preferences. A man who always utilize his woman’s flaws and weaknesses to manipulate her. I don’t want a gas-lighter in my life as I am very well aware of my existence. I don’t want any man around me who try to make me feel conscious about my abilities and decisions.

A man who has double standards

I want a man who knows the importance of equality. I will not allow any man to spin things around and have double standards over certain decisions. If you don’t want me to do something, you should also stay away from that particular activity.

A man who is not able to accept his flaws and mistakes

As a human, we all make mistakes in life. It’s wise to accept our mistakes and flaws in order to lead a healthy relationship. A man should be mature enough to accept his mistakes. I want a man who is capable of apologizing for his mistake and taking actions to right wrongs.