If He Can’t Choose Between You And Another Woman, Then Let Him Have The Other Woman

My advice is to stay single until you find a man who wants to have a ‘real’ relationship with you.

Who wants to call you his girlfriend and is happy for everyone to know you are and to be seen together.

You want someone who feels strongly for you and eventually, one who you know loves you with as much passion and commitment as you have for him.

Never sit around waiting for him to decide if he wants to be with you whilst he has others on the side and even more on the back burner.

The fact he has others around should tell you straight away that he just isn’t the man for you.

Questions that spring to mind are;

Is he a f*ckboy?

Is he a player?

Is he trying to see what he can get?

Are a few that come to mind.

Do you want to be involved with someone who you will always wonder what he is up to when you are apart, because that is no relationship and not how relationships are supposed to be?

He should be choosing you and that is an end of it, no possibility of giving up at the first hurdle and going off with one of his harems of women.

He should want you and only you.

You shouldn’t have to fight with him for his time or his commitment that just isn’t how relationships work, nor should you find yourself in a situation where you bite your tongue rather than say what you feel as you are worried, he will just dump you and go off with another woman.

He should be fully committed to you from the beginning.

You shouldn’t be full of doubts and worry as that will just make you unhappy.

For goodness sake don’t lower your standards just because he looks good and is popular and so many women appear after him too. You can bet those other women think they are his girlfriend too and are in for one hell of a shock when he dumps them or plays a game, so their minds are in complete turmoil.

You deserve so much better than him and you know you do.

I bet since meeting him you have found yourself unhappy, perhaps an emotional wreck and in a place of not knowing what is going to happen next.

Perhaps you’ve lost weight due to worry. You’re drinking more, not going out as much with your friends as you wait at home for his call. Perhaps he has turned up in the early hours after a so-called guys night out, and you notice a smell of perfume on him and when you mention it, he says the classic ‘oh my buddies sister gave me a hug when we saw her in a bar’ pfttt seriously we all know that’s BS!

If you know for sure you are not the only one, pick up your self-worth, brush it down and walk away as you are worth more than a ‘maybe’ girlfriend, you deserve to be loved for the love you have to give.