If He Can’t Commit To A Long-Term Relationship With You, It Could Be Down To His Zodiac Sign

Some men just can’t commit to a long-term relationship and it’s nothing to do with you, it could be his zodiac sign.


If the man in your life is an Aries the only thing that floats his boat is the chase and excitement that can be found at the beginning of a relationship.

Once he has you the interest fades away and he gets bored and tired of you, so starts looking elsewhere for the thrill of the chase.


If the man in your life is a Taurus they struggle with a long-term relationship as they cannot compromise.

They rarely ever meet someone halfway, it is their way or no way, they seek out submissive women, but when the woman stands up to him, he can’t cope with it.


A Gemini man is an outrageous flirt and that is why they can’t sustain a long-term relationship, after all, who wants to be with a man who flirts with everything that moves in his direction.

They love to be the center of attention, he needs to feel constantly desired and real life just isn’t like that.


A Cancer man can often be found weighed down by emotional baggage that he just won’t let go of.

He fails to see that if he let the past go and look forward rather than assuming his new partner will be just the same as all the rest then he has no chance of a long-term relationship.


Leo’s ego is the main thing that will not allow him to have a healthy relationship and boy is this guy’s ego huge.

He often finds someone of equal ego and the clashes can be brutal and should destroying yet he never learns from picking to the wrong partner and continues to repeat this over and over again.


A Virgo man isn’t capable of a long-term relationship as he doesn’t believe there is anyone good enough for him.

He is happy having flings, one-night stands but long-term eludes him as he is too busy pulling apart any potential partners flaws to find true love.


They hate confrontation, you may think this is new and refreshing to start with, but every healthy relationship has differences and if he isn’t even prepared to discuss something that is bothering you, then it is nothing but a one-sided relationship.

He repeatedly fails because of this but he will not change his mind.


Scorpio’s can be insane jealousy and that prevents him from maintaining a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

He will automatically assume that no woman could ever be completely loyal to him and that fear brings him nothing but trouble. It makes most of his relationships fail before becoming serious.


Sags are total commitment-phobes and is the reason why they can’t have a stable, long-lasting relationship.

Once he becomes part of a couple his fear makes it impossible for a strong healthy relationship to grow and with each failed relationship, he feels his fears have been validated.


A Capricorn doesn’t have the same level of emotional needs as his partner. He will always treat his partner as a second choice to his own needs which makes him selfish.

He expects total commitment from his partner but rarely gives that in return, as far as he is concerned you are there to satisfy his needs only.


Aquarians do have deep feelings for their partner, but he has trouble showing it. This makes him appear cold and unfeeling.

His guard is always up and the brick wall is high and you will either have a long battle to break down that barrier or accept that he just doesn’t want to be with you for the long haul.


A Pisces man expects far too much from their partner, they have this fairy tale story of how life should be and you have to live up to those expectations, he sets the bar high.

If you fail to be the woman of his dream world then he will never commit to you and let’s be honest who wants to be with a man who is really, in essence, a child in an adult world.