If The Man In Your Life Is Doing Things, He’s Playing With Your Emotions

Today, too often man get away with negative actions and are chalked up with that age-old saying, “men will be men.” Men are known to play mind games to attract women. It isn’t uncommon for them to ditch their partner when they become bored or find someone that they deem better. You can save yourself from these ‘playboys’ and find yourself someone who cares about you and isn’t about playing games. If you observe any one of the following 12 things in your partner, end it right away so you can protect yourself from these so-called “men.” Then you can move on and find yourself a real man,

Backhanded compliments.

When a man truly loves and cares about you and has your best interest at heart, he would not insult or belittle you. He would never purposely make you feel insecure and prey upon your weaknesses. These are tactics narcissistic men use to feel superior over you and lower your self-esteem. They will often use backhanded compliments like: “Wow! You’ve got the appetite of a man.! I can’t believe you can eat so much!”, or things like: “You would look really beautiful in this outfit if you weren’t so chubby. Maybe you should lose some weight.”

He loves the shock factor.

In every relationship, we often will pull a surprise by grabbing or pinching your butt when you pass or bend over but let’s face it, sometimes we just aren’t in the mood for games and it just is irritating. Naturally, you tell him to stop, but he gets offended and says something of the sort “you can’t take a joke?” This is a way he is trying to get your attention so he can enforce his dominance over you, as well as your relationship. He needs to feel superior and using a shock factor tactic is just one of the ways he will use against you to build himself up.

He’s not interested in your opinion.

If your man has a tendency to cut you off mid-sentence or he ignores you while you’re trying to have a conversation, this is a major red flag that he is just another playboy. He may try to cover himself by giving you a sly-smile depicting that he is just joking; however, in reality, he has no desire in having a meaningful relationship with you. He just is playing you while using you in his free time out of convenience.

He has got all the answers.

Here is another major red flag. He is Mr. know it all. He is never wrong even when you prove that you were right. He never will man up and admit that he was in the wrong and certainly will never give you an apology. He has the correct answer for everything. All of your arguments and disagreements you just can’t seem to win or even open his eyes that he may have been in the wrong. You just cannot win an argument or debate with him? These types of men you need to beware of before you live your entire life-fighting arguments that you’ll always lose and be in the wrong.

He’s emotionally unavailable.

One of the hardest things for him to do in the relationship is making an emotional connection with you. He always seems distant and unattached. He does not care what kind of a day you had, whether you feel sad or happy, or just how you may be feeling. The conversation will always be about him and if not, he’ll ignore you and change the topic to something that interests him.

He wants you to be his therapist.

As said earlier, he does care the slightest as to how you feel or what you have to say. Instead, he feels the whole relationship needs to be centred around him and his needs. Your feelings are irrelevant. He wants you to listen to him when he is feeling emotional or has a rough day but will never do the same for you. His emotional availability is selfish and one-sided

He will always try to find a way to stop you from leaving.

After you’re done with all the fights and decide to throw in the towel, he’ll find ways to stop you. He will placate you and hold your hand while pleading you not to go. Once again, they will all be empty promises. At first, he will smother you with his presence with no room to breathe. He will try to manipulate you with keeping you engulfed in his problems and emotions pleading for your help.

He can’t accept your refusal, ever!

With the ego the size of an elephant, he does not accept ‘NO’ for an answer. He will continue until he gets his way. If the situation doesn’t go his way, a new argument will launch from him and eventually you’re going to have to retreat by agreeing to what he wants. Your wants and desires are invalid.

For an example: When you want to relax at home because you are exhausted after having a long day at the office, but he has already made plans with another couple to go out for dinner and a couple of drinks. This is the furthest thing from what you feel like doing so you tell him you don’t feel like going. He will not even try to look at things from your point of view. instead, he demands you to accompany him without any regard for how you are feeling. You know how relentless he can be even if means yet another argument so you’ll ultimately compromise (like always) and forfeit. what you want and cave in and go with his plans.

He asks you to go with the flow.

It’s always best to start things slow in a new relationship so you can get to know each other and find out how well you mesh, instead of jumping to being intimate right away. You want to take things slowly but this ‘player’ will do what he does best; he’ll play with words to manipulate you to take the relationship to the next level right away. He has no desire to take things slow because he has no desire to become emotionally invested so he manipulates you to go at his pace and play games to get you emotionally invested so you can be at his disposal whenever he would like,

His life is a secret from you.

Since he has no plans whatsoever to ever settle down with you or have a long-term relationship, he does not let you inside his personal life. You wouldn’t know his future plans, or anything related to his past, friends or family. He gives you vague answers to try to pacify you. He’ll make you crazy trying to figure him out but he’ll never disclose his life to you.

He’s not letting you know his family and friends.

One of the prime factors that reflects your partner’s eagerness in a long-term relationship is meeting the most important people in their life. If your man keeps you from his family and friends, he surely has no intention of making this relationship a long term one, Ditch him before you find yourself prey to his dirty games.

He’s only interested in sleeping with you.

He keeps himself emotionally detached and always playing the guessing games but yet he takes every opportunity he can get to have sex with you. There is no trying to seduce you or being romantic to make you feel like he wants you. He just wants to do the deed and get his kicks off as fast as he can.

The fragile ego.

Oh my God! These ‘playboys’ have the most fragile ego and should you try and correct him or try to show him how something should be done, he takes it as an insult even though you meant well. They get hurt so easily. One minute they’re acting all macho and the moment things don’t go their way or get what they want, they become infuriated and lose their temper.

Acknowledge your worth and don’t let these playboys ever make you feel inferior and emotionally hurt you. When you start to see the red flags, turn and run because you deserve so much better. You deserve a man wants all of you and treats you like his queen.